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Women's Krav Maga Self-Defense Class


Tend to agree with this. The other thing that good Krav/RMA schools do well is develop/encourage raw aggression, real/improvised weapons tactics and and ‘survival mindset’. IMO this is more useful if you actually know how to fight, or at least have some grasp of fundamentals (i.e. good mechanics, economy of motion, timing, distance, footwork etc.).

I find that many Krav/RMA schools do less well at developing these attributes than the type of schools you are recommending.


I wasn’t thinking so much about beating up guys, but you might really like the sparing, physical contact part of it. The competitive part.

My thinking in doing this was more about survival. How to get myself away, or have at least some idea for how to escape, from someone who might want to do me REAL harm.

For women, it’s all about keeping our head, being aware, and hopefully having some skills that would make a much stronger, larger man want to release us long enough for escape. Hopefully preventing them from really physically getting control where they can dominate us easily with their superior weight and strength.

I think basic self-defense classes are worth it. BUT really, I know I will need keep practicing, take more classes, review skills frequently and practice so I’d be more likely to keep my head and be effective if I was really in a survival situation.