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Women's General Strike


I was thinking the guys could all head to vegas, but with no dancers or cocktail waitresses we may just have sleep in and enjoy the silence.


We could have a national “Hunting/fishing day!”


Even better. Just need to get the ice chest packed with lunch the day before


IRL: 16000 facebook response= maybe 9 or 10.


Why, stop for breakfast sand on the way and a big sloppy burger on the way back.

Hopefully strike is over so fish/game can be cooked for dinner.


Sounds like a great way for them to use one of their limited vacation days at work.


The people who show up for this will largely be professional demonstrators - most women I know don’t have time for this shit…they’re too busy being oppressed


I told my wife she should go. She says “You know I hate liberals, especially whiny liberal women.”



Yup. We tend to laugh and point together. Good for bonding.


My wife thinks it’s stupid, but I’m not allowed to agree because some of her friends are participating. I just think it’s great that women are finally coming together to get some exercise.


I had a family member tell me she was marching for my daughters. I laughed. I figure the STEM education and completive sports opportunities my wife and I are making sure our girls receive will do far more than some group of women skipping work to wear vagina hats. You want women to succeed? Stop teaching them that temper tantrums are valid life skills. I can’t imagine my wife lowering herself to behave like that.


The women in STEM movement is a pyramid scheme. The distinguishing factor of a pyramid scheme is that the people involved got involved not because they wanted the product but rather because they want to sell the product to other people. The women who actually want STEM jobs study STEM and then get the jobs (generally speaking they can do so more easily than equally qualified men). The women worrying about it don’t actually want STEM jobs.


Rigorously educating elementary aged children and continuing that through high school is a pyramid scheme? Unless you mean that only a few will get elite jobs (which amounts to a tautology) I’m not grasping what you’re attempting to convey.


You sound like my wife


I think you misunderstand me. My statement was not meant to argue with you, but rather support of your point.



Fuck. Yes.

That is all.


Just learned there are 27 honor killings in America annually


Then, in solidarity with the goals of the strike, they should avoid showing up.


As long as gun deaths are higher, especially by white men the left always has a counter argument to this kind of stuff.