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Women's Fighting is Weaksauce?



Holy shit.


A man would have kept fighting.


She didnt brace herself at all for that. She just let her head go back if she held it tight like a pro wrestler it would have hurt but she could have kept on fighting.

With that said I am not a fan of female fighting due to the lack of quality fighters. I dont like seeing the roll out unqualified females just to put them on the card. If they have skills like Cyborg I am ok with it but when its two low level women it sucks.


Strikeforce and M1 has some seriously good fights. Under-promoted and under-hyped, but alot more exciting than many of the UFC 'superfights'.


A. Cyborg is less skilled than her opponents she is just physically superior.
B. You let go of the submission in that situation you don't brace for impact.


You can see the chick that got slamed tried to grab Kaufmans leg to prevent her from being slammed but couldn't get a grip on it. WHOOPS!


Cyborg has skills. That girl can fight. I dont care what you say she is a talented fighter.

She could have let go but she also could have tucked her head. What knocks you out is the back of your head hitting the mat. This why guys that try slams get caught in triangles because their opponent protects the head and can hold the sub. Getting slammed on your back hurts but doesnt end your night.


Duh but the PROPER thing to do is bail on the sub or kick out.
And yeah she has skills but she isn't as technical as some of the girls she's fought.


UMMM the LAST UFC KO of the NIGHT was via the same power bomb!!!

Rampage jackson's all time spot in highlight reels is from slamming Arona in a triangle into a powerbomb. KO as well!

You also know how to do or been put in a triangle?

Because you don't know the mechanic's of a KO. punches to the back of the head is banned for a reason.

Stop arguing while your ahead.


I have seen a triangle sink in deeper on slams more than the slam resulting in ko. Neither are very common but I have seen more guys get caught trying to slam.

And go slam your head against the back of your wall. Let me know how you feel.

what I am talking about with the slam.


I'm not arguing that dip shits, I'm saying it's better to kick out or bail BEFORE you even have to tuck your head.


Ok thats fine. It is better not to be there at all when you come down but still she needs to learn how to land if she does get caught in that situation. Admittedly its not one that happens very often so I wouldnt spend a long time with it but still you could see how Mousasi kept his neck and head stiff so it didnt pop back. Thats all I am saying.


notice the difference in the ways they were slammed and how long mousasi had to readjust unlike the girl.. he even looked down to see. Even if that girl tucked her head it would have smashed the ground. The best way is to just bail.. she failed to bad.


Sarah Kaufman is harsh. I've been following her for a while. Tight, disciplined boxing, BJJ purple...I wanna spar with her, she's got skills.


Which is odd because she calls herself a MT fighter right. She's almost like a female Manhoef on that she waits and flurries.


anyone calling this weaksauce needs to get in the cage with Kaufman