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Women's Fat loss


Hey Coach Thib,

I have a client who’s currently:
26% BF
Skinny fat to describe her.

I have the programming part down for retaining as much muscle as possible, however I struggle with nutrition. On a week to week approach with her macronutrients how should I approach it if I’m going to significantly drop that percentage while retaining as much muscle as possible?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and any good reads would be as well.


What if her body does not respond to the advice someone else gives you? How will you manage it from start to finish and adjust it as needed if you struggle with nutrition? Are you going to keep asking others?

Go learn about nutrition and allow someone who is qualified to give your client nutritional advice. You are doing her a disservice.


You’re absolutely right. Thank you


Very possible to recomp a female with limited weight training experience. If done right she can gain LBM and drop BF effectively. I do not think losing muscle is something you need to be worried about.