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Women's facial hair

Hiya T-Peeps. This is way off topic, but I know this is one of the best places to ask for help no matter what the topic is. Heres my problem, my girlfriend bless her soul has a slight moustache. Now Im not sure if she dosnt beleive in waxing that area or not, but I do know it drives me crazy!!! I know alot of other guys have this problem too with their women, and we have no idea what to do about it. T-men, have you ever had this problem? What did you do? How did you bring it up? T-Vixens, how should a guy bring this up without starting a fight? Or should he? Thanks fellow T-peeps.

Ouch! Not an easy thing to bring up w/o hurting her feelings and getting kicked out of bed! My recomandation: treat her to a package at a spa or salon. Talk to the esthetician about your situation and she can recommend it to your girlfriend while she gets pampered. Not only will your problem be solved, but she’ll love you for the gift!

If she’s concerned about it, have her talk to someone who does laser hair removal. She can get it taken off for good after a few treatments. Otherwise, she should probably wax or bleach it. I wouldn’t shave or use Nair or anything else like that.

vx is right…my wife used to dye her hair these godawful colors, so for our anniversary I sent her to a day spa. I told the lady when I made the appointment that I would really appreciate it if my wife came back with a natural looking hair color…she did.

HA! thats so funny! My girlfriend always ends up asking me, “Didn’t you notice, i got my eyebrows and stash wax today…” and of course i answer with a quick “Of course i did, it looks great!” or something to that effect. I never seem to notice that kinda stuff, then again my girlfriend is the type that can’t stand to tough her own legs if they are feeling a little rough for a day…
Why don;t you just walk up to her with some twessers and pluck out a hair…that will teach her.

how bad is it? does it look like she is standing on her head? anyway, vx is correct! NEVER suggest how YOU would like a women to look but if you give her a gift and compliment her on how she looks after she will probably keep it up. peace

Don’t get her to shave or wax it - it’ll just come back faster, thicker and darker.

Hey AKAG, so much for the urban legends. Shaving or waxing doesn’t speed up the growth or thickness of hair. If that was the case, every balding man in the world would be shaving his head everyday so his hair would grow back. The real reason your beard or mustache grows back quickly once you started to shave was because you were going through puberty, and it will do this regardless of whether you shave or not.

Great, so I guess the health spa idea is one of my only choices. Well, its not bad, but god I wish it wasnt there. Especially after having a big long talk with my friends about the subject. Our local McDonalds is also known as P"anet Of The Apes" for some reason too :slight_smile: After she goes to the health spa is this going to come back again? Thanks

Saw this post. My input is to get her email address. Log on from a neutral PC, get a fake yahoo or hotmail address and send her the message. If you can’t, if you are using outlook express, go to tools-accounts, click on the mail tab, click on properties, then on the general tab change your name AND the email address to something else. Yes, if she were clever she’d look, but most won’t know how to find a masked email address’ real source. Good luck. If all this doesn’t work and she gets real, real hacked at you, I can send you some good porn links that tie you over during the dog days. Gotta go, taking my GF out for a salad for lunch.