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women's clothing- my suit jackets are getting tight!

okay ladies, i am having a new problem and i’m curious to know if i’m not alone and where/what designers i might want to shop.

i happened to notice this weekend that the arms on my wool jacket were a wee bit tight. thought nothing of it, perhaps my sweater was bulky or something. then this morning, i went to slip into a suit i hadn’t been able to wear all winter since in the fall i had been “bad.” (no gym and eating crappy) pull on the skirt, fits great, even a little loose (where it had been too tight to wear in decemeber) put on my make up, get all ready, go to run out the door and put on my suit jacket- and it is way too tight through the back and the arms. i know that i will lean out a little when i drop the add’l 10-15#s of fat i’m still toting around, but, is this likely to be a trend which continues? if so, i’m more than fine with it. however, am i going to start having to buy bigger sized suits and have then tailored down, or are there designers who make more athletic cuts for women?

i am following t-dawg 2.0 and following a 12 wk program of a 5 day split coupled with 5-8 cardio sessions a week. if that info helps at all. goals are to drop bf/fit into a size 4 (from a size 8)/as well as to bench my BW and complete 5 chin-ups.

side note: i mistakenly mentioned problem this to some women in the ladies room this morning and they both replied, “less weight, higher reps!” i said that i had a program i really liked and was happy with the results, and this 40 something woman a good 30-40#s overweight says to me, “well just don’t get ripped, that’s gross.” i told her that was what i was going for . . . just kind of made me giggle. but i’m sure these exchanges are the old familiar for many of you.

It sounds as if you’re making some nice progress. If you’re happy, then continue what you’re doing. Don’t listen to the higher-reps crowd. I have them in excess at my gym and one look at their bodies tells me they’re on the wrong track.

I have the same problem you do. I wear a size six skirt and a size six or seven in pants and a size 12 jacket. Don’t even get me started on trying to find a dress that fits. I have to stick with separates in order to find suits that fit properly.

This is a common problem. I also have to purchase separates…size 4 on bottom, and size 8 or 10 for tops; dresses and impossible. I also have a very difficult time finding sports bras and tops that are cut correctly through the underarm. Sportswear manufacturers apparently produce clothing for runners, not weight lifters.

And almost impossible to find a size 38 A bra.

Not to butt in but for sports bras have you ever tried under amour?

I too share in this problem. I have been able to find slacks that will fit comfortably over my 28" thighs at The Limitted. Only problem is my legs are a 14 and my waist a 12. So, the waist line sits barely above my hips. I gave up on blazers and just wear blouses to work and buy them at least a size larger for comfort.

so suit seperates it will have to be moving forward. i have to suit up most days mon-thurs, getting away with a nice blouse or sweater set just doesn’t cut it. i have a couple of really nice suits that i was excited about getting into again, but while 2 months ago the jackets fit but not the skirts/pants, now my problem is the opposite. oh well, i guess i’ll be making another donation to www.dressforsuccess.org. now i’m nervous about trying on some of my leather jackets- oh no!

but i’m not complaining! i feel great and i am looking better every day . . .

Also, not to but in: Good Job!! Keep up the great work!