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Women's Best Bench Comp

So I have a one rep max bench press comp for school

I was wondering about how to warm up before so I can get the best results, also should I eat and drink before weigh in?

I got up 95 lbs easy and have three tries should I put up 95-100-97 for my attempts???

I am very excited about this I hope I win!!!


You could try this:


1st lift: 95
2nd lift: 100 ish
3rd lift: 105 ish

The second 2 are “ish” because people tend to get pumped up and lift more in competition so you can decide at that time what you want.

Good luck!

[quote]lynn52086 wrote:
should I eat and drink before weigh in?


The question is where you fall in the weight class. If you aren’t in danger of not making weight and aren’t concerned about your wilks number, then it doesn’t matter when you eat. Generally, you want to weigh at the top of the weight class to have the advantage of leverage. But your wilks number will be better the less you weigh without compromising strength. Also, if you should tie someone in your weight class in totals, the lower weight person gets the prize.