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Women Shouldn't Lift More Than 3lbs Dumbbells!


You heard it her first! From Gwyneth and her celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson (who also currently trains Madonna):


I was on facebook and saw Charles Staley talking about this, thought I would bring it to everybody's attention and see what responses it got.

After thinking about the cash this chick must be shoveling in, I got mad about this for about 10 minutes.


Hollywood = Freaks = Liberals = Assholes

Case closed.


haha zing!


That is a sad way to live.


don't associate a shitty training with a political view and this political view to being an asshole or freak. Typical conservative sophism, demagogism and flawed logic.


I'm a liberal asshole who can lift more than 3 pounds.

How much does the average baby weigh again?

Or the average bag of groceries.

Or the average casserole.

I guess we now have a reason not to cook or clean or care for a child.



now go carry my grocery bag of baby casseroles


you can still do DC with 3 pounds right?


face bash


I want to strangle her skinny ass.

And anyone who says, "My trainer works me so hard I always sweat so much."

Anyone can work up a sweat, that doesn't mean you accomplished shit.


I have always wanted to know how that woman trains. I kind of suspected as much.

There are a lot of women who want to be anorexic tiny and I think that it's better that they come to a trainer and get that kind of training (I believe that what she does is such a high intensity of aerobics that their calories go through the charts. Then, with little weights adding to body weights and intensity of cardio, there us a tiny muscle ready when the body fat is down) than stop eatting or start throwing up. Honestly, if I trained everyone like I train myself they would quit me. Some people will freak out if they notice a muscle increasing size.

I want to learn what this woman does and when I find someone who wants to look unrealistic, use it.

Different strokes for different folks.


I agree with you. Fuck my life, I agree with you.




But it's no use reasoning with people like him and the cronies on PWI. Oops, sorry, they're "Libertarians."


Sorry, but people like these tend to be hypocritical tree hugging vegans and extremely liberal. But just because a square is a rectangle, doesn't make every rectangle a square.


Heard it first here, a year ago. Still dumb.


Oh no! Let me get all indignant about something some trainer said...

Meanwhile, back in reality...

Who cares?!


Yes, and I was trying to point out that very same fact to Mr. Rifle. Guess I interpreted "Freaks = Liberals = Assholes" differently than you?


tree hugging = vegans =liberal = hypocritical = bad

makes sense.


i'm bad and like this misinformation being spread ....especielly to the loyal readers of Star and OK magazine


She is obviously, to me, tapping into the misconceptions and fears that women have regarding weight training. And, she has managed to come up with something she can market as a system.

From a capitalistic point of view...bravo. I'm sure she has a fat bank account. From a fitness standpoint, if you include strength and bone density in the equation, this woman is selling snake oil. Plus, in my personal opinion, I think Gwyneth looks like hell. There is nothing to her; no legs, no back, no ass, no shoulders, no arms.

This is not a system to be understood and copied. This is a system to be understood and debunked.