Are there any prohormones that women can use safely [ie your new Mag-10].If so,a simple dosage protocol,would be appreciated.

p.s.I’m getting very positive feedback from my gym members using the new "Methoxy 7.

No, women should not use MAG-10 or Androsol. I have known a few to use tiny doses of Nandrosol with good results, but since that’s no longer made it’s a moot point.

In short, women on MAG-10 = instant bearded ladies.

Read the MAG-10 FAQ for more info:

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My suggestion for a woman who wants to take it to the next level is Methoxy-7. It’s anabolic without being androgenic.

Why is nan no longer made?

It’s too expensive to produce. It was basically
being sold – once all costs of doing business are accounted for, not just raw materials – at a loss on every bottle. I loved Nandrosol
but, unless people had been willing to pay a
list price of over $100 per bottle, which
they probably weren’t, it wasn’t practical.

We’d hoped on introduction that nor-4-AD costs
would come down to where Nandrosol would make money instead of losing it, but that didn’t happen.