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Women Managers = Scary!


Has anyone ever noticed how most female managers are pretty scary? I think there is so much over compensation to be taken seriously and the fact that women are more emotional then men, they are straight scary to work for usually! My old boss would be like "Adam, i need to see you in my office right now!" at that point I'm thinking "awww shitt" and then she asks me how my weekend was, WTF!

Was all that necessary?

Then she's like "who left the microwave dirty?" all loud and proceeds to tell everyone that our moms don't work here. Wouldn't a simple email suffice?





Oh, I thought something entirely different would have happened..


Yup, it is true. Last week I told someone that I was going to take the dirty fork that someone left in the sink once again, find out who left it there, and stab them in the eye with it. (^:


See, women managers are known to stab people in the eye with forks!


At least she pre-warned the people. We don't do that here.


Adam that may have been schoolyard flirting!

Bad male managers just would have bent you over the desk. At least the woman was going to give you some d/s foreplay.


Ti sounds very familiar to my "Women in the Work Place" thread.

I still hold the same opinion.

And the only time a woman is scary is when holding a blade near my genitalia.


There is usually a few moments of niceness before I blow. My eyes are bulging out of my head though!!


How often does this happen to you big fella!!!


you might want to rephrase that Tootles ...


Not as much as it used to.



Back when Howard Stern was on regular radio, my asst. manager work went nutz. She was like this is sexist and offensive, then reported the entire office to HR. The Manager was the one listening....outside....in his car...with the windows up. I don;t even know how she heard it.

Then for the next week she blasted country music, to the point of bleeding from the ears. When she left someone turned the radio to WBCN to listen to music. The next morning she comes in, turns on the radio, hears Howard Stern's voice, and picks up the radio and chucks it at the manager's head, TRUE STORY.

The entire office get's written up because the manager was listening to the radio IN his car BEFORE work. But, she assaults him, and nothing happens.


half of em are lesbians.

other half are in denial


I don't know--I think there are qualified managers and unqualified managers. I have worked for both. Qualified people have their shit together and can keep on point. The unqualified people have a hard time seeing the big picture and tend to focus on small shit that they can tackle (dirty microwaves) to compensate for the lack of real accomplishment. The only thing that is different between unqualified men and unqualified women is the type of stupid shit they focus on.


Stick it in her pooper



Too late, Polo!!!!! Ha!!


I've had a few good ones though. They're generally the ones that just enjoy working but don't need the money because there husbands make a ton.


OP is a pussy? My soon to be wife is a manager, okay that relationship is different. Or do you only have a problem with your female manager?


I totally thought I was reading the start of some bad porn movie lol