Women & Mag-10

Okay - I know women are “not supposed” to use Mag10, but I’m a woman, have used 1-AD, trained HARD and got muscle I never thought I’d get and now I am determined to used Mag10 because everything I’ve read about it just sounds too good to stay away from. Also, I don’t ever want to use 'roids and prohormones are just so awesome I want to keep going with the gains I’ve achieved. So Ladies, 'fess up - who has tried it and what were the results? Did you take full dose or half dose? Was there any virilization? Were you true to “clean eating?” Did you get fat or gain great looking muscle? I’ll be up front with how it all goes with me, but I would really like to hear from other women who have “had the balls” to just use it regardless of the warnings.

“had the balls”
LOL… you will have the balls!!!

howling at the moon.

Well, I don’t have the balls and have the brain to not try it. And since I would rather not “have the balls” - probably will never try it. Just keep training hard and try the other Biotest supplements (for both men AND momen).

Go ahead and try it, let us know what happens, but don’t be suprised if people start calling you DUDE.

Risky Business - might get burnt

I have a 44 y/o female friend who used 5 ml./day in a 14-day first cycle with measurale increases in strength. She is currently on a “some weeks long” cycle using 2 ml./day (based on a response by Bill Roberts to a question that was posed about women users and cycling a few weeks back). She continues to make both measurable strength and physique gains.
BTW - it’s her FULLY INFORMED CHOICE, and I support her 100% because she understands the benefits vs. risks, it works for her, and she’s smart enough to understand after trying damn-near all of the “safe” training, nutrition, and supplement advice that is often spouted by those who don’t understand the concept of “informed consent,” the Mag-10 works to her satisfaction.
Good luck, and I hope this helps since so far, no one has attempted to answer your questions while at the same time the responders have chosen to ignore the fact that you are gonna use the Mag-10 regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Just a remark here - you note that you “don’t ever want to use 'roids” but you seem to have little concerns using pro-hormones. I believe there really isn’t that much of a difference between “roids” and mag-10. In the end it’s more a legal question than a matter of what it will do to your body (in the same way I don’t really believe any male using mag-10 can call himself ‘drug-free’). Trying mag-10 will probably not instantly turn you into a man but there is the danger that it can very easily make you addictive (you already used at least 1-AD) and at some point it will have side effects. And you may have to keep on taking something to keep all the gains you made. Just something you might want to consider.

I’ve never tried Mag 10, but I am using Androsol(cheaper)and have used it off and on for 2 months now with noticeable strength gains, about a 3lb weight gain and at the same time some bodyfat loss without changing my
diet. No virilization or voice changes,sex drive has increased, glad I have a boyfriend (smirk).
Bill Roberts has warned many times that what works for one female, may have side effects in another so go slowly on increasing your dosages. Balls? you mean those things us girls have to break from time to time when they get too big for some guys britches? Naahhh! don’t want those-too vulnerable.