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Women = Insanity

Okay, so I am at a wedding and there is a freeeeeeee bar!!! YAY!!! so after about 12 drinks my friends crash the party, My best friend and his Fiancee, and another good buddy.
So by this time I have had enough to make me not think to the best of my ability. And I start talking about Lifting and dieting, and whatnot, and my buddies Fiancee engages in the conversation. My buddy tries to stop the conversation, but I ignore his pleas for me to stop.

And I lay down this Humdinger of a line. “I can’t respect people who complain about being fat, and then do nothing to change it”
She says excuse me, and I repeat myself. She then says that I called her fat, and she calls me an Asshole and leaves.
Now she is in no way fat at all, she is actually quite stunning. So am I in the wrong, or is she just whacked?