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Women In Combat

“IF, huge IF, they can do the physical then maybe but the reality is young men and grown men go threw this type of training and quit.” Um… ok, what is your point? If they can do the physical great, then when they arrive at the real thing they may decide they don’t want to do it - just like some men decide they don’t want to. So, if a woman makes it, she doesn’t have the option of changig her mind? Why not? The men seem to have the option of leaving if they choose to.

I think this is what the root of the problem is: men are afraid that if they let women try and they succeed those same women just might be better then the men. Maybe not, but why are you so afraid of trying if this is not the root fear?

The military could solve this headache: establish a set of standards that ALL applicants must pass. If no women can make the grade then there is no problem, if some women do, then move over.

I've been on trips where shower rooms, bathrooms, sleeping quarters, etc are all shared. We were adult enough to handle it, I'm sure career military personnell are adult enough to handle it.