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Women In Combat

When it comes to the Dog Pound, I guess I see it as more of a benefit to the people who lurk there – get the benefit of hearing the voice(s) of experience without having to filter out the crap.

As for women in military front lines, especially special forces, I’d say that it would have to be a VERY special case that would allow it. First of course is the physical aspect. All the special forces have the “no one is left behind” attitude. Often that means one person carrying another out. So to the women on this forum – can you carry a 200 lb guy out on your own? If I were wounded and needed extraction, I wouldn’t care LESS if it was a woman carrying me. But I WOULD care if the only person near me couldn’t physically do it. You have to be able to COMPLETELY trust the people around you, mentally, and physically. True enough, a gun doesn’t care about gender (and I’ve seen some VERY good markswomen). And command decisions aren’t going to necessitate a male on the barking end. I have no problems with that part of it.