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Women In Combat

DP reference was due to it’s exclusion factor, and the fact that in order to be included one must be approved by members. No, it’s not sexist. But it is exclusive. Which can both be a good thing, and a not-so-good thing. I love reading the DP as there is indeed a wealth of information there - but there was also a wealth of info on the regular boards. I don’t think I’ve seen any new and joltingly relevant topics come up that would not/could not have been brought up in the other forums. The only real asset I see to the DP is the unmoderatedness (if that’s a word) - and yes, I understand that if the other forums went unmoderated they could quickly degenerate into something no one would care to partake in. Which necessitates some degree of exclusivity for the DP. It all makes sense and apparently is loved by the masses. I just have my issues. grin That’s all.

Georgia O'Keefe seemed to resent the intimation that women needed a separate forum in which to display their art since they could not "make it" in a completely open forum. They were not "good enough". A special forum was created for those that could not "make it", and in order to gain access to that forum one had to meet certain criterion (being female).

It's the reverse scenario of the DP. With the DP, a special forum was created (possibly to pacify the "old timers" who repeatedly alluded to the forum not being up to their standards and that they had taken discussions off-line in an effort to get away from elements distasteful to them) for those that had already "made it" and inclusion in this forum was contingent on meeting certain criterion (being approved by members).

In a small way Georgia’s sentiment is similar to how I feel about the DP. I resent having to be “approved of” in order to post. I resent someone else determining if I am “good enough”. I know am probably the only one to feel this way, and I’m ok with that. :wink:

By having the DP around, those that post there get to feel that they are keeping the lines of communication open between all experienced, intelligent posters while also being able to keep the riff-raff out. Good for them. Hopefully we’ll all see something marvelous, stunning and thoroughly earth-shattering develop from such a concentration of experience and intelligence. At least the rest of us can read about it and benefit as well without diluting the pool of genious.

Or maybe I’m just feeling the effects of the fourth day of keto accentuated with a tad of PMS. :wink: