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Women In Combat

I did 10 years with the Navy 4 of those stationed with the Marines and can say in my 10 years I have met only 2 women who MIGHT have been able to handle to physical side. They were both divers and openly admitted that the very job of the SEAL’s was not one they would want. They fully understood that it isn’t just pointing a rifle a sending a couple rounds down range.

The argument about women not being allowed into the "team" is just plain reality. This isn't a color thing but definitely is a sex thing. Men and women think differently and how they think of each other is different also. Just look at the outrage ~Karma~ inspires when she tells it like it is. So what am I saying? Women do not belong in the front lines and especially not with the elite units. IF, huge IF, they can do the physical then maybe but the reality is young men and grown men go threw this type of training and quit. The other thing is that making it isn't the same as staying there. As Oldlifter can attest there are many guys who fail to qualify or decide that they've decided they don't want it.

Can't compare cops and military. Cops are there to protect and serve. The military is there to protect and serve the interest of the US, by killing. Sad day when they changed the name of the Department of War to the Department of Defense. Croooz