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Women In Combat

Karma - yes, that is exactly it. She accepts the physical / sexual brutality as an unpleasant part of her job. Should it be? No, of course not, but she is on the front lines of a war and accepts the fact that she is not safe. (I do not follow your analogy between Georgia O’Keefe and the Dog Pound. The DP is a mix of experienced men and women who know their shit - no different than an art exibit with experienced artists of both sexes.)

I would imagine any female elite forces officers would say the same thing. War crimes have always included 'rape and pillage' and obviously this would be no different. In any case, if a woman was to pass the tests involved in becoming an elite soldier I seriously doubt she'd go easily or quietly.

A lot of you are using the same argument to keep women out of the military that was used to keep segrigation alive for so many years. The funny thing is, I think the problem lies with the men, not the women. I don't think men are ready to have a woman save their ass in combat. I don't think they are ready to have a woman be their equal in what has always been a 'man thing'.

I watched a program on the History channel about the beginning of the space program, before it was taken over by the US military. Women out performed the men in most of the stress and endurance tests, but the minute the military took over the women 'weren't fit' to go into space. When men are in charge they like to keep thinking they are the superior sex, regardless of what equal tests show.

How exactly are higher pain tolerance and better multi-tasking skills not suited to the military? I am SURE that most women are not suited to special forces military (I know I'm not). But if a woman can pass the tests at the same level as a man then she has earned her position and deserves it.