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Women In Combat

Anonymous- As a vet you know you fight for the respect of those around you. Your unit. Not your leaders. Your professor, in my humble opinion, is misguided. A police officers job is to enforce the law and as a last resort use lethal force when all other options have been tried and failed. A soldiers job is to kill. Ultimately the job of the military is to kill the enemy. A special forces team, from any branch, does this with little support and in small units and usually does it quickly. It may also facilitate this task for larger units. The soviets in WWII used females extensively in mechanized units, as pilots and as snipers. I think Israel does the same. I don’t think any country, unless forced too, would match a man against a woman, on the ground. It’s silly.

I will relate a story to you. When I first started Tae Kwon Do the regular instructor was out and his wife filled in. She was a 40 yr. old somewhat heavyset gal. I was 22 at the time and in top shape at about 200 ibs. For some reason I became the class demonstration victim. The instructor grew increasingly frustrated with me when her throws and stikes would not work. After unleashing her best stuff to no effect and at full force I counter punched her and sent her to the mat. Needless to say hubby was not pleased and I soon found myself at another school. I had 3 mos. of training. She had 5 yrs. and was considered an elite self defense person…for a female.