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Women In Combat

There is no reason that wome should not be on the front lines in ANY situation, providing of course they can meet the standards that are set. Not different standards, the same. If they can perform then they can do the job. That’s all there is to it.

Bus Driver - if you are in the military you take orders from a superior officer. If you can't take orders from a woman tough shit.

Karma, I read an interview with a female combat photographer. She siad she could no longer count the number of times she has been raped while doing her job. There are definately different risks for women than men on the front lines, but I don't think that should disqualify them.

One final thought: Georgia O'Keefe is argueable one of the top artists of our time. She refused to be in woman's art shows because she resented the implication that a woman couldn't 'make it' in a show that included men's work. Segrigation lowers standards, it does not enhance them.