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Women In Combat

Your professor is wrong for 99% of the women. He/she is also wrong for 98% of the men. It take a very special individual to endure what Seals, Rangers, Special Forces, Marine Recon and yes even regular infantry platoons are required to do. Are there women who could do this physically? Yes.
There are several problems to be addressed here. One - Can the physically do the work. In the past the US miltary has drop standards so that the women could pass. Standards don’t drop in combat. Two - Mentally. Can women mentally do the job. With the upbring that most american females have the answer is no. Very few men can live through combat without being changed. Three - what I society would think? Don’t think for a momment that the press would not follow the first woman into battle wating for her to get wounded out killed so that they could put it on the nightly news and sell more ad space. And how would mom and pop america react to that? Heck, I am still laughing over Battle Dress Uniforms for soldiers who are expecting.
There are many more reasons against it, but the primary reason that men fight, bleed and even die is for there fellow soldiers. Women can never be on of the “guys”. Nor should they be.
Listen to Bus Driver. His country is one to the few that has placed women in combat roles and has historical examples of how the have preformed.
Best of Luck.