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women existing in the future

What does everyone think of the feminist theory that in the future women won’t exit. When baby boys can be grown outside the human body and vitual reality sex is available to the masses what use will men have for women. In a lot of places in the world women are just for baring sons anyway and in this country women seem to be for sex and not having much value unless they are beautiful. So what does everyone about what Simone de Beauvoir asked 50 years ago
"One wonders if women still exist, if they will always exist, whether or not it is desirable that they should…

Well i’ve never been in love with a guy, theres also something about the spirit of a women that you can’t replace

This is, uhh… dumb.

Oh yeah and whats everyone’s opinion on anal sex and where is everyone from isn’t?

I think the theory is absolutely ridiculous, and if one sex were going to disappear, I would see it being the men going away (artificial insemination and vibrators could alleviate our neccessity :slight_smile: ). As for the reasons for the extinction of women mentioned, I don’t see them really applying. Can baby girls never be grown outside of the human body? When virtual reality sex is available to women, what use will they have for men? Also, for these two advances to eradicate women, they must be readily available to the entire third-world population.

And do you think that women are just used for sex in this country, or is that someone else's opinion? Either way, what are men used for in this country?

you could just as easily turn the question around and ask the same thing about men. in either case, it won’t happen.

I’ll tell you one damn thing right now. There is no way to replace making love to a woman with virtual reality. Nothing can replace her smell, her touch, and those deep blue eyes. Wait a second, I need to go take care of something… Now back to the topic. This is ridiculous. All real men out there wouldn’t allow this to happen. The problem with feminist theory is just that, it’s theory. Most of this shit is not based in reality, and is spouted by some chic who didn’t get a return call after a night of passion with some stud. Don’t worry ladies we won’t let you disappear. Regardless of your looks, there is somebody out there to love you. If your having a hard time finding him, give me a call. I’m married, but I have a ton of single friends.

hmm you can give me technology, put me in cubicles (so far I have my own office, its crappy but it has walls and a door hehe), and tell me to behave ourselves, but you can’t take away my instinct.

I think there are a lot of men who hate women more than we could ever know. Just look at the taliban. A perfect society was one were women were never ever seen, might as well have not exsisted. I think if they could have all the sons they wanted without the need of women they would do it. And I doubt there feeling about women were isolated. Theres were religiously motivated which makes it all the more realistic. The taliban just happened to come together as a group and made it happen.

You should always subjugate what you fear.

What are men used for in this country?? Ummm…last I checked Corporate America was run by the white man, shit the whole damn planet is run by white men. I have to agree on the idea being completley rediculous. The fact that this thread is actually taking up space is ridiculous.

The day “women” no longer exist is the day the the world ends.

This is why I think feminists are idiots. I ahve no problem with equal rights, and think everyone should be treated the same. This is not based on any fact and is plain wrong. The female egg will always be needed. You can make a clone from an egg, or you need the egg to artificially impregnate. But the fact of the matter is, there are way more reasons to have both sexes that just pregnancy. I dig chicks, and will never replace sex for some video game.

but who would take out the garbage? oh yeah the lesbos

excuse me for asking…i don’t think its a dumb theory, very plausible in my opinion. I don’t think men like women much unless they are fuckable, but not to sluty about it

There are more women than men u know.

And women…are women…we canno’t live with out them. We love the way they look, the way the feel, the way they…cook :)…im gonna stop before I get carried away.

What exactly were you saying in reference to my post? The Taliban were mentioned as repressing women. So I offered a (possibly funny) reason for their behavior (i.e. They’re fearful of/nervous around women, thus they try to “contain” the women).

 Whiney, are you trying to come of the closet here? Anal sex? gay theories? 'men dont like women much'? If you dont know it, it sounds pretty obvious to me, sorry to say.
 As for your theory, it's still the stupidest thing anyone has uttered (read, you've uttered) - EVER.
  Not to mention copmletely unplausible. I dont know about you, but us REAL men have instincts. And no im not talking about anal sex. Us actual men like real tits, and real pussies. The simple fact that i know its simulated will ensure that im not touching it. much the same way im not into inflated dolls. Before you try to refute me, even if you love inflated dolls - you sure as hell wont give them up. Right TC? Back me up here?<p>
 Besides, 'men dont like women much if they're fuckable'.... whos saying they wont be even more fuckable 1000 years from now. im sure they're much more fuckable today then they were 1000 years ago. or 2000 years ago. they sure as hell will have to be much more drop dead gorgeous 1000 years from now. especialliy considering the ugly ones, obese ones, stupid+ugly ones, unhealthy ones, will have been cut in half by the time we get there. so, in MY humble opinion, we'll be fucking women MUCH more, and we'll be having a much better time doing it.As for technology, itll only serve one purpose - that of helping a sterile couple raise a child. which will still be unlikely since, if we get to that point, we've likely already found a way to make a sterile couple non-sterile. see my point? technology is expanding in all fields not just one you dumass. And instincts will always be there. they were 10,000 years ago. They'll be here 10,000 years from now. the only thing thatll change is women will be much hotter, and the percentage of healthy population should be much higher. so what purpose does a simulation serve if there are more frop dead gorgeous chicks outside, ready and willing to fuck you? 
And wtf's wrong with you. You present an idea which as i said previously, would only be possible if every male turned gay, and you hijack your own thread with irrelevant questions of if we like anal sex? And you imply us guys dont REALLY like women. News flash - We REALLY do. I just wont comment on wether you do. Dude. If you're gay just say it. Just stop asking us about anal sex when the atmosphere is already as queer as a  door glued to a fucking teapot. 

I’ve been bored, and my insomnia’s keeping me up, so I’m responding to this dumb thread.

Any man who'd rather have sex with a simulated game woman than a real flesh-and-blood woman should be denied women forever. I don't know any straight guys who don't like women unless the women in question are grossly fat or ugly or stupid.

I know several girls who say things like "If he's the last man alive in the world I'd rather be lesbian." I've yet to meet a guy who said "If she's the last woman alive in the world, I'd rather be gay." Enuff said.

Most feminists (actually, most postmodern scholars) don’t speak about “feminism” (singular); instead, they refer to various “feminismS” (plural). The idea is that not all feminists agree. They differ in philosophy, methodology, degree, etc. To attempt to conflate these (sometimes compatible, sometimes competing) feminisms into a generic, blanket concept of feminism is (and I don’t mean this to be offensive) very ignorant.