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Women Excluded from Selective Service


Now this is sexist!!!!

Only men have to register for selective service and women are excluded! Im calling my local ACLU! How dare they keep women from having equal opportunity!!! Like ramzpaul says, on tv, the 110 pound woman in makeup always kicks the big strong guys ass. I think what we need is an army of petite women. All those strong men are always getting beat up by these women so who needs them right?

Im sure if they ever make a movie about the killing of bin Laden (lets say for the sake of argument it happened) the navy seal team will be led by a petite playboy model type woman that ends up being the hero, i mean SHERO, of the movie while all the big strong men Navy Seals cower in the background.


I am pretty sure that women can shoot an unarmed man as well as any man.

You Sir, are blatantly sexist.


And what if I am?


Then you do not get to complain abouzt other peoples sexism?


What is up with this guy posting videos on stuff? Who is he? Who declared him an expert on the stuff he talks about?


So you have to be an expert to voice your opinion?


Sometimes. Otherwise you're just moving your mouth.


He's a commentator that speaks truth, even if it is politically incorrect. It's good to hear someone publically state views that goes against the marxist party line. Even if they get called racist, sexist, homophobic, a bigot, a hater or whatever.


I prefer my women to actually reproduce and make me sandwiches rather than dying on the battlefield. Good luck with an army of pregnant women fighting on the frontline.


I would to, but those darn feminists....