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Women, birth control and nandrosol/Brock/Bill/sponge?

My girldriend is currently on birth control and is interested on taking nandrosol at 10sprays am and 10sprayspm. I belive that is what Brock has that girl using in the latest fat fast experiment. Now, what are the interactions if any between birth control and nadrosol. Will the brith control become ineffective? I know certain drugs can reduce the effectiveness of the birth control. Now are there any major concerns regarding birth control and nadrosol use? Any info will be greatly apprecited. She already purchased the bottle without me getting all the info on this first, but we will wait for your recommendations before doinf anything potentially dangerous.
Thanks for all the help.

I would guess probably not, and if it were
a bet I would guess 20:1 not, but it would only be a guess.

If anything one would expect slightly more inhibition of LH/FSH production and so therefore actually adding to the effect of the birth control, but it can’t be ruled out that there might be some unexpected factor.

It would be interesting to hear from any women who have used low dose anabolic steroids and birth control at the same time, though actually it would take hundreds of reports to have enough of a basis to say that the combination works well (though it could take only a few to conclude that it does not!)