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Women, Balls, and Dating...there`s hope!

Believe it or not, even Cosmo is starting to integrate some ballsy content in their articles. Just had to see if the media had evolved in their preaching and if they were less clueless.

Cliff notes readers: See last tip.

In case the link doesnt work, heres a summary.

Majoring in Seduction

1: Wide-eyed teenage innocence
2: The scholarly approach
3: The I-would-make-such-a-good-wife seduction
4: The bring-home-the-bacon seduction
5: The are-you-my-port-in-this-storm? approach
6: Shock his socks off
7: The brazen-broad way

(And the winner is…)

8: The extremely empowered approach

This is my personal favorite. Be direct, and by direct I mean just coming out with it and saying something like “I want to have sex with you.” A variation on the theme is “Would you like to have sex with me?” If this sounds artless or crass – merely an exercise in bad taste – think about how great you’d have to feel about yourself to summon up the courage actually to do this. The straightforward approach is not merely about saving time (although it does have a way of cutting to the chase), it’s about giving yourself the opportunity to display extreme sexual confidence, to advertise yourself as a person who assumes that whatever she wants, she can have. And you can. It is that belief in yourself – not your bra size, not your eye color or the state of your hair – that will make you sexy and seductive. This cards-on-the-table method may not work for every guy. But honestly … who wants a guy who’d turn down that offer?

1 out of 8. Acouple of interesting contenders (#1 and #4, the headers are inappropriate). Not bad. For those who like entertainment, there`s a couple of insteresting ones.

Good thing the tone of the article is personal-responsibility-styled.

There`s hope.

Gee, Dan, why is it whenever I advocate a woman’s taking the direct approach you come back with statements like “MD, that’s just not how it works, women don’t do that, yada, yada, yada.”

But when you read it in Cosmo, all of a sudden you have a revelation. :wink:

I really like the taking the guy to the motel, stripping down, and taking off his blindfold.


Ever the jokester are you? Nice.

What heated…arguments would I have with you if we ever met in real life!

You some to have the right profile, T-speaking. I also salute your guts to post in this forum. And your ability to talk back as much as you can take it, in a T-way.

As for your question…

Youre different. I guess the average...woman (Ill be polite) woman will have a defensive reaction (knee-jerk, no thinking) ton any coming from any true T-Lady.

I may be wrong, but I think the average woman will not only never consider advice coming from a T-Lady, she`ll probably send her some negative something (feedback, glance, comment, bitching) on top of that. Must be hard on the nerves after a while.

But, heck, the same average woman will take Redbook (?) and Cosmo advice like Gods commandments. So now the T-advice is coming fromGod`. Why not applaud it?

(By the way, my feisty dame, in the arguments topic, I throw you some back because you can take it. And Ill get an intelligent, balanced answer coming from you, and most probably some points, as a T-guy, that I could never fathom totally (the female perspective). Very much like ping-pong or interest... er... intercourse ;0) Its always fun to have exchanges where both sides learn something. Call it exercise for the brain. But if it offends you, I`ll refrain.)

We do indeed live in great times when women’s magazines are telling them to do exactly what we want them to do.The “cards on the table” method definitely works for me.

Dan, let the “average” women throw whatever they want my way. It’s of no consequence to me.

I enjoy our little volleys too. It’s always nice to exchange opinions with someone without either side getting all huffy.

You don’t have to worry about offending me. That’s pretty much impossible. So throw whatever you want my way. I’m ready.

Atta girl! ;0)

I’m definitely “the card’s on the table” kind of girl. T-men can always handle it and then some. But I think some regular guys get intimidated by a woman who isn’t afraid to initiate things. I love a man, like most T-men, who is confident enough that he loves a woman who can be the agressor. Hence, I only date T-men!

I find more and more women are taking the imitative, but maybe that’s just my experience. I think that’s the way it should be, saves a lot of time.

DanC and since no one asked yet, WHY are you reading cosmo?lol

hello all
i think its great when im out and abouts and run into a girl who knows what she wants. but at the same time i as a guy who has said just about everything to women ,knows that a guy cant just come on out and say that outright. but i have said similar and had it work. i think people are different and it may or may not work. but all in all a woman would get alot less flack than us guys .

Was reading some article on the Net that pointed to it.

It’s always fun to know in advance what the average woman and the local papers will be parotting in the next weeks.

Makes me laugh in advance. And laugh harder still when this new ‘hot’ item is yester-week’s news, and the time lag it takes to get here (local papers), like an epidemy (the time lag from West Coast coming to East Coast).

The progress of the epidemy is just too funny. Seeing show hosts and newspaper columnists talk about the flavor du jour, for the 20-umpth spin in the last 6 months. Their cluelessness and willingness to follow fashion, ‘hipness’, new stuff or just be in is sickeningly funny.

Now you know why. For humor. And laughing all the way from a source that never ends: the media.