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Women: Another Reason to Love USA


This counts as one reason why the ladies should prefer to be in America:


Remember this article when we have to listen to some rant about respecting other cultures!



Great, what does that have to do with america?

Btw its been at least 5 weeks since the last post of you were you admired Hitler, whats the matter with you?


Yeah, America is the only country that doesn't do this 'ironing'. I mean here in the UK, its commonplace, and in the rest of Europe, they iron the whole body ?

Dude WTF ?


Seriously. I don't think anyone sane is arguing that women are treated better in western Africa than America.


I concur with the man from Wales. Does anything bad happening in another country automatically inspire you to post an "its better in America" thread?


You are wrong. Did you even read the article? Here, I copied it for you.

"Breast ironing is an age-old practice in Cameroon, as well as in many other countries in West and Central Africa and Europe, including UK, and the rest of Europe, (where the savages iron the whole body) Chad, Togo, Benin, Guinea-Conakry, just to name a few. America is the only country that doesn't do this 'ironing', instead the play Tittie Twister with them to stunt their growth " said Flavien Ndonko, an anthropologist and local representative of German development agency GTZ, which sponsored the survey.

Dr. Stig, you need to read your camel-dung before you post it, r you may get a special visit by my special police.



...you guys really mean to say that you don't see a thread posted by HH and automatically sigh, and say to yourself, "here we go again...." as you click on it?


What's wrong with what I posted? Wouldn't any woman rather be in America than just about any other place on earth? In most cultures, as we all know, women are considered disposable items. My daughter, adopted from China, was abandoned behind a dumpster, all because of her gender.

Other than Europe and America (and that includes Canada), women are generally second-class citizens, or worse.

Why don't they iron the boys' balls, so they won't rape anyone? See the point?



Admired Hitler? Hmmm...well, scholars do conclude that if Hitler had died in 1938, he would be revered in Germany for preventing a Communist revolution, restoring the economy, and probably several other things. Of course, no one disputes that most of his ideas were evil and destructive, beginning with the Race Laws of 1935.

I don't see how you get from anything I wrote that I admired Hitler. Objectively speaking, he did a few good things and a great many evil ones. How does that constitute admiration?



That's a load of crap mister. Also , it's sweet irony you conclude your post with a:


In most parts of this country women are still treated like second class citizens.


I have personal contact with several women all over the globe and did a small survey.

The consensus was that they would prefer to live in the US, were it not for the risk to run into Headhunter.

And a few of them noticed that there's a rumour guys get their balls ironed in the US.

"Who wants to be raped by someone with ironed balls" one the ladies argued.

All decided to stay put.


LOL! Good one!! Guess I'll have to use H2, as Vroom likes to do. :slightly_smiling:


Fuck waiting for the ancillaries to start a cycle, I already own an iron. Why didn't I think of it before?


ummmmm....circumcision....anyone, anyone??