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Women and Training

Hey All
This one goes out to my T-Vixens mainly but if u guys got any feedback thats fine. I was wondering about some good workouts for women. I read that hypertrophy would be fine but anything else? I would like to set up a program for my sister thats why I am curious. Thanks

Train her like you would train any other. Her being female won’t affect her lifting, only her experience will.

Also, what does she want from training? If she does say a “sculpted physique,” (“no muscle”) do hypertrophy. Otherwise, just train her in the manner she wants to be trained.

What are her stats and her goals? Does she play any sports? What has she done in the past? What is her meal plan like?

Training programs are based on many things. I am sure with a little more info we all could offer some kind of advice.

I am currently doing Chad’s ABBH program and am enjoying it.

Hi cogs, good of you to help out your sis! There are several articles at the main T-mag site that you should read and then print for your sister. One of them is The T-Vixen Roundtable from a few months ago. I think it was a two part article. Good information from some very fit women.

There were a couple more but I can’t remember them right now. The one above was the best though. A search of T-mag, not the forum, should bring it up.
Good luck to your sis!

Most the girls I see in the gym don’t know jack shit. The one that did seem to know anything was this girl that used a 5X5 program pretty consistently. And her body was slammin.

Check out Patricia training log, too.

Hi Cogs: Welcome to the board.

What are your sister’s goals? What kind of shape is she in currently? What’s her diet like? You’ll have to give us more to go on before we can help you.

You can check out the following articles:

The first article is about a beginner’s training program for women. The other two links are for the guide to the major programs available at T-Mag.

Even though I’ve included a link to an article for a program aimed at women, I will add there is no big difference in the way women should train.

You might also want to check out the following link for an article about training for women by Christian Thibaudeau. He outlines here what he believes to be the small difference women should make to their training.

Thanks All. Your information will really help me. Basically, she is going for a toned body, losing fat while maintaning LBM. I don’t have her stats yet, but i will get them. I read both the T-Vixen articles and gained some information i just wanted to know a specific programs that are recommened.