Women and the OHP

hey guys my gf has a 1 rep max of 75lb making her tm around the low 60s or mid depeding on the template 85%-90% of the 1 rep max . some of the working sets lead up to less than the bar wich is 45Lb . would doing ohp on the curl bars even be optional or maybe dumbells . to be more especific im asking becase she really want to do bbb with me but bbb@50% would make it 30lb . shes decently strong on her other lifts having a bench of 135 1rm @ 150lb this problem is ofc only with the ohp wich is the hardest lift to get up even for us guys . any thoughts ?

Just did BBB for a couple months with my wife, and her OHP had sub-45lb sets. I had her use the curl bars. It’s not that you can’t use DB, but using a barbell or barbell-like object like straight/EZ curl bars (which still have straight parts to grip) reinforces the proper movement pattern.

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ok thx that males sence 1 question this may sound silly so would u hold the barbell for her to start the lift or would she just pick it up and press it ? only asking because i think picking it would take some of the bracing advange that u would get on a rack .

Depending on the weight I use. I can clean it from the floor or place the bar in the rack at the proper level.

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ok i guess she can just clean it thx . the curl racks at our gym are very short and are in a ackward potision to unrack from.

If it’s 50% of 85% of her 1RM of a strict press, she can clean it.

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yup got it thanks for the ideas .

My gym has technique bars that are 20-30lbs that my wife uses for OHP.