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Women and pro-hormones

My wife is hypothyroid, and put on 60lbs in 8 months because of this condition and a lack of knowlgable doctors. She has lost 50 of it over the last 2 years and is looking to shave the last ten off(she is 133@ 20% b.f.).

We currently have a bottle of lipokinetix, yohimbine hcl powder, and a bottle of Androsol that are of just lying around(my old stuff that I don’t need right now). she also has an unlimited supply of T-3(we found a good doctor).

the plan is 3 lipo caps per day, 40mg of topical yohimbine, and 2 sprays of androsol(anti-catabolic). let me know how this looks? any ladies used androsol before, and do you believe her dose is too low?