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Women and Navy Seals


I was thinking and I realized that women can't join the Navy Seals, and I thought, where is the feminists backlash? It seemed strange. Not that I think women should be part of the seals, I really don't. But I guess it's only a matter of time before the Navy takes the Politically Correct route and the seals become a group of Barney Fifes.


I don't think that a woman should be kept out because of her gender. If they can meet the requirements they should be allowed in. Unfortunately though when women started infiltrating police and fire departments around the nation the standards started to come down just so they could pass.


Yeah well, the same thing is bound to happen to the Seals. And a woman that can meet those requirements are as rare as a winning lottery ticket.


War and killing have traditionally, throughout history, been a male thing. Why should we change that now for the sake of being PC?

Although, the seals may could use women. I mean, who else will wash their clothes, cook for them, and sexually satisfy them after they come back from killing some bad guys???

Nah Im just yanking your chain lol!


They can't. 99% of MEN couldn't meet the requirements of current US Navy SEAL selection and training. No woman could.

Bingo. Now imagine how an elite special forces unit would change when women join. It would no longer be 'special' because the selection/training standards would have to be lowered drastically to make it possible for women to pass.

'SEAL training is very rigorous, having a reputation of providing the toughest training anywhere in the world. The drop out rate for SEAL classes is regularly 80 percent' - Wikipedia


When you say no woman could meet the standards you might be over generalizing. There may very well be a few who could. If so is it fair to keep them out?


From what I've read about Navy SEALs I don't think women could meet the standard. Women and men compete separately in sporting events for a reason.


I'd be one ticked off individual if I was paired up with her doing some of those hold-this-over-your-head-forever team exercises.


Group exercises('milling' - not SEALs but you get the idea. Special forces are tough guys):


GI Jane did it.........come on now.

I think if they can pass, for real, and do the mission requirements then let them do it. If not then fail and go home just like the guys. I really wanted to be a SEAL back in the day and I found out I do not have what is required to survive in the water like they have to. Everything else I am fine with I just need more coaching and lots of time to be comfortable in the water like that, so I became a Marine.


We did something very similar in Marine Corps boot camp except you were in a wooden box of sorts and could not backpedal or move out of the way. Forced to fight


If she can pass the test, let her be a Seal but don't water down the qualifying protocols.


And I agree with you to that extent. So, by virtue of your own comment what is the harm in opening it up to women? If none of them can make it then what's the difference. However, if there is that rare woman out there who is up to the standard why bar her? We don't help her that way and we certainly don't help our country by keeping out that one brave and able warrior.

See my point?


Sounds crazy.

Female commander at Parris Island now:



No women! :slightly_smiling:


The problem with this is that equal opportunity always leads to equal outcome. It always happens. The requirements for a Seal is this:
1.swim 500 yards in 12.5 minutes or less
2.do 42 push-ups in under two minutes
3.do 50 sit-ups in under two minutes
4.do six pull-ups
5.run 1.5 miles in boots and long pants in less than 11.5 minutes

Not many women can do the above. so if alot of women are failing the requirements, feminists will accuse the Seals of setting the standards too high and trying to keep it a "boys club" and exclude women, despite the fact that these were always the standards to begin with. So what will happen is the social engineers will do what they call "gender norming". For instance, a woman candidate will have to do one pullup or get 15 minutes for the 1.5 mile run. Inevitably, this will allow more women to pass and make it to Seal training. What happens then? Well, 80% of men who make it to Seal training end up dropping out. So, these women who made it there because of these gender-normed standards, their dropout rate may be 99%. Feminists will find this unacceptable and once again, accuse them of conspiring to keep women out. So Seal training will be changed to accomodate women, so that more make it thru training. And more women will make it thru training because of these new standards. Then you will have other problems such as one of these new female Seals getting pregnant before a mission. If they kick her off the team for being pregnant, feminists will once again do their usual bitching and moaning, so now they'll have to come up with maternity leave for these new female Seals, just like Police and Fire Departments all across the nation have to.


Here is an example of gender normed standards. Almost every police dept. in Michigan uses this.:

But a female officer expects the same pay, benefits, and chances at promotion as a male officer.


They're just the minimum requirements to qualify for the 30 months of training.

Also, I agree with what you say.


Even if a woman could meet or exceed the physical standards it would be a really bad idea that would harm the Seals. A woman in a Seal team would be a liability to the effectiveness of the entire team for one basic fact of life. The death or wounding of a woman would not be treated the same as a man because the male brain has evolved to treat the death of a female companion differently. So even if she could physically keep up a woman would always be a weak link because of how her death would affect the rest of the team.


Well its not about the 1 woman out of a million that could become a Seal. What it is is that our political overlords dont want equal opportunity, they want equal outcomes. I can see it now, a few years after they start admitting women into the seals, they'll have a quota system. Fifty percent of new Seals must be female. If not, the gods of PC will come down from their holy mountain and start smiting. If it aint broke, dont fix it. And the Navy Seals work fine just the way they are right now, all male. They don't need fixing.