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Women and Meltdown I

Hi all! Just curious if any of the women on the forum have used the original Meltdown training. My girlfriend is considering trying it, but in reading the articles, it seems geared more to male phsyiology. Any success/horror stories?

Anybody? She’s at a high enough BF%, so I think it would be OK in that regard…

I have had quite a bit of experience with Meltdown I and females. Being a trainer at both a corporate office setting and formerly a national gym, I have experimented with a large population of females. Meltdown I proved successful only in those females that were lean to start with (12-15% bf). Females at higher bf percentages responded poorly to the program. I have had MUCH better success with a German Body Comp modified program for women needing to loose quite a bit of fat. The original GBC worked ok, but I have modified it significantly and it is now my favorite and most effective program for body fat loss.