Women and Mag-10

I’ve done two cycles of Mag-10 with great success, and think you’ve created an incredible product. However, my girlfriend had a “friend” suggest that she try Mag-10 in preparation for an upcoming fitness competition. I realize that it has been advised that women not take Mag-10, and there is a warning on the bottle stating the same, but are we talking an ‘untested, not recommended, use at your own risk’ type warning, as is the case with Tribex, or is this a case of an ‘absolutely not, totally unsafe’ warning? What kind of side effects could she experience? Temporary? Irreversible? Your expert opinion on this matter, as always, is much appreciated.

I believe the MAG-10 FAQ covers this topic. The words facial hair and deep voice came up. And most are not reversable as Bill Roberts has stated about a dozen times.

I have a 44 year old woman friend (she’s not a competitive bodybuilder, but just a good ol’ T-Vixen!) who is in the middle of her 2nd cycle on Mag-10, and she has experienced strength increases and positive changes in body composition using 5 ml. per day without any apparent negative effects during both cycles. During this current cycle, she is using it with T-3 under a self-developed cutting protocol that appears to be working.

understand that this is strictly my opion, but if your friend has previously used Androsol, Nandrosol, and/or some other decent prohormone without negative effects, I’m guessing that’s a pretty good indicator that she can use Mag-10 (at a reduced dosage of course) without any serious problems. Good luck…

With most androgens, if a woman wants
to be reasonably conservative, her dosage
will be something like one TENTH that
of a man doing a serious cycle.

So, that would be 1/10 of 1.5 to 3.0
capfuls per day, which would be 0.9 to 1.8
mL, the higher dose possibly being pushing
it pretty hard.

I’m surprised that 5 mL could be tolerated.
And I’d have to wonder whether it can’t
be tolerated for long, if she’s not about
to be snake-bit soon. I’d have no confidence
she isn’t.

Also, even with the lowest dose I mentioned… some women can tolerate almost NO additional
androgen without virilization occurring, for example a single 50 mg injection of Deca causing irreversible voice change, or just two weeks or so of 5 mg/day Dianabol. So even that lowest dose mentioned could be too much for some.

Are you guys considering making a 4-AD-EC only product that might be safe for women? It would probably also be great for cutting.

Actually, it’s the 4-AD-EC that I’m more
concerned about for women than the A1-E.

In men anyway, 4-AD is (along with trenbolone)
at the top of the list for promoting beard thickening (where it may have been patchy or absent before) and growth (where already present.) This suggest to me that it may
also have strong tendencies to increase facial
hair in women, moreso than most anabolic steroids.

An “A1-E only” is being considered, but there’s the practical problem that since A1-E already accounts for almost all of the cost of the materials for MAG-10, a product without the 4-AD-EC would not be very much less expensive than MAG-10, yet would be quite substantially less effective.