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Women and Incline Bench?


So I was at the gym this morning and I was doing inclined bench presses and a guy walked up and said that women shouldn't do them because it causes the breasts to sag.

IMO, I thought that the muscles surrounding the breasts if nice and strong would keep the breast lifted?

Thoughts? I'd like to know....


That's a pretty ridiculous comment.

1-building muscle will never cause anything to sag
2-building muscle will actually improve the look and firmness of the area
3-some people should keep their yaps shut and not give out advice in the gym





Your idea about it is the general consensus. Now, if you have a lot of weight to lose (which doesn't look to be the case from your picture), that might result in loose skin. But no, that man's an idiot. He was probably just trying to figure out a way to get your attention because you looked good working out.

Did this guy even look like he might know what he was talking about? I've noticed that most guys who've said stupid things to me while working out ("You should stop doing bent-over rows. Your back is already big enough." "Shouldn't you put your tennis shoes back on to deadlift?!" followed by "What's a good ab workout? I only take lifting advice from women about abs" after I hadn't so much as looked at him) aren't that knowledgeable about anything in the gym. I'd pity them if they weren't so annoying.


I was just told to add them for my tie ins and I've heard from a very reliable female source that the exact opposite is true LOL.

Oh and MASSIVE LULZ @ some stranger approaching a female to talk about breasts. So groce.


Sir Lulzalot's ... a litle creeped out tbh


they are the staple chest movement for my lady. in no way will they make anything sag. they do w/ time and a lower bf % help the consequent added muscle to the upper chest (from the exercise), above the breasts, become more visible. sexy. for a woman to train shoulders, back, arms, legs but not train upper chest is silly.

most of the sagging breast bullshit is likely from someone who doesn't train or know a fucking thing. i will say often as women lose bf the breasts can shrink and thusly look potentially saggy because they're not filled w/ fat anymore. usually though, i've noted from home experience that as a woman gets leaner and the tat ta's get smaller, they actually look younger and perkier, happy. a happy breast is a fun breast.

taking it further...if you ever get to a point where you are rip shit lean most of the year, you can consider fake tits. fake tits that are done well are BEAUTIFUL. that said, i hot woman is a hot woman and big breasts DO NOT MAKE ATTRACTIVE, ATTRACTIVE MAKES ATTRACTIVE. i've heard that subpectoral is the way to go for female implants, i've also heard that doing heavy pressing movements can cause the fakes to, w/ time, shift outward, not fun or good. the most horrible image to me is the crazy juiced up ladies w/ what appears to be tennis balls implanted under their man pecs, one looking far east the other looking far west. scary shit!!

sorry if my biased tone comes through, i'm fine w/ how men look when taking different shit, women "on" shit...well god bless, i'm all for free choice, but it doesn't look right to me. there is a line and everyone has a different sense of what they find attractive. i'm quite sure, well i know, that some men think my girl is too muscular. shit, some woman have said for me - tone it down you're too bulky. for christ fuck, i only weigth 215lbs at nearly six feet tall. to those folks i say, for christ fuck, don't eat that muffin, your ass is already too fat to ever view not wearing those supportive skin hiding pants. you are like walking human veal.


i always write some long ass shit lately.

here, sorry...w/ brevity - inclines are good, fuck that guy for being a creeper talking about tits while @ the gym. he doesn't know shit.


He just wanted to talk about your boobs, desperate male is desperate. That doesn't even make any sense. I guess bench will make me chest smaller too, huh? Lol.


THANKS ALL! I'm just gonna do what feels right. A guy walked up the other day and actually helped me with my clean and ..........snatch? or clean and jerk! LOL.... don't know what its called but it did actually help and his approach was very sincere and non authoritative.


I hope not because your chest is AWESOME!


So in a weeks time two guys open a conversation with you; one about your breasts and the other your snatch?


LMAO!!!!!!!!!! yes!


LOL @ at that guy.


Really there is no way doing any exercise is going to make your breasts sag. Having said that I don't think any exercis will make the actual breasts apear firmer either.


  • nothing will make the breast appear firmer but having some muscle in the pec area for a woman helps w/ structure and shape.

being fit and young, having smaller breasts or implants make them look firmer/better.

some woman seem to have tits that age better than others, some women end up w/ breast that you'd see on the cover of national geographic. i suppose having toddlers and babies chew apart your tits out in the brush for years and years doesn't help.

getting older, being old, or being fat make them appear shitty(ier).

if it jiggles it's fat. tits are made of fat, saline, or silicone. all three types can look really good or look really bad.


I wondered about this today as I roamed thru Walmart . so I asked the next 10 saggy-breasted women if they regurarily do incline presses......

guess what.........................10 out of 10 saggy-breasted women prefer not to do incline press


anyone that offers unsolicited advice in the gym is an ass.
Muscles improve the overall shape. This is why I have a problem with the "real women have curves" threads that show fat women. Fat is not shapely at all. It is globby, gelatinous, amorphous blobs. If chunky women are your thing, that is fine. Just quit calling it curvy. Rant done.
Just for curiosity sake, what did this guy look like? Even more important, have you witnessed him transforming someone with a shape that was less than pleasant to one that you admire?


sigh. boobs aren't made of muscle.


maybe if he said curlz, that would of cause the sagging.. especially when done in teh squat rack LOL!