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Women and andro

I have a girlfriend who wants to get harder and more cut and bring out her abs. she has already gone from 130lbs to 107 in about a year but she wants to become harder. she looks great already, but she said she might want to try some clenbuterol, i said she should try some andro before using clen. any advice on what is better and what is a safe cycle for clen for a small women. thanks

I hate to tell you this but clenbuterol isn’t that great. It down regulates in 2 weeks and you’ll gain more weight back than what you lost. It also makes you feel like crap, and you can’t sleep. A good thermo works better than clen. Women shouldn’t take androgens but a norandro should be fine. Methoxy’s also a great product.


Paul, if you want a your girlfriend to remain female, advise her against using any androgens. Androgens cause women to lose their feminine shapes and curves, and they make them horny and mean. You don’t want a sexless, pimply faced, bald headed, bad skinned enraged androgenic experiment gone wrong with a clit bigger than your penis jumping all over you, do you?