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Women and amino supplements

I started serious body building about 2 months ago. Two weeks ago my trainer said I needed to start taking an amino supplement. I have been taking 4 2222mg tablets daily for this time. As a female, I wanted to know if there are any side effects with this dosage?

There won’t be any effects. That is barely 10 grams of aminos. A quarter pound of sliced turkey has 25 grams. Add 2 pieces of bread, lettuce, and tomatoes and have something healthy.

You’d be much better off using a good post workout drink like Surge.

Fire your personal trainer.

The 2222 protein tablet is a GREAT SOURCE of dietary

Not to be gross, but I used to take those damn things by the handful (8 yrs ago). Until one day while sitting on the crapper, I discovered that THE TABLETS HAD PASSED RIGHT TROUGH ME - UNDIGESTED! Yep, that's right; those 1 gram protein "bullets" are compressed so tightly that they almost completely bypass the digestive track. So, they don't get absorbed!!! Besides, the protein quality of the tablets truly SUCKS!

Wow, people actually still recommend amino supplements? As well as still take them?

Chickie, you need to watch your diet (as in, eat FOOD), make sure you're getting enough protein, too. Also, as TEK suggested: try some Surge.

Oh, and FIRE your trainer.

Like everyone else, fire your trainer and use something like Surge before/during/after your workout.


Tell your trainer it’s his/her lucky day.You discovered a website that will supply him/her with 6 months of solid reading. The side effect of it will be a 1000% improvement on their knowledge of the weightlifting/ bodybuilding/ supplement world.

Imagine a brick wall. Now, imagine that I told you to build a brick fire pit. What would you do? You would break apart the brick wall and use the bricks to build the fire pit.

Protein is a macronutrient. By this I mean that we tend to break all food down into three groups: protein, fat, and carbohydrate.

“Aminos” is a short form for the word “amino acid”. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Remember the wall? The wall is the protein, and the aminos are the bricks. Your body breaks the protein down into its amino acids and then rebuilds its own protein from the bricks.

A lot of exercise people will tell you to increase the amount of protein you eat every day, and that you’ll want to eat at least 0.8g/lb.

Those amino tablets are just a fancy way of saying protein tablets. And 2222mg is the same as 2.2g (that’s about 1/14 of a ounce). Baby, that ain’t much. Especially when you consider that a glass of milk has 9g. An egg has 7g. A tin of tuna has around 25-30g.

Your question is whether being female will be a factor. I’m sure that in other ways, it will be. However, diet (and that’s all that protein is, a factor in diet) kinda works for males and females.

PS: your personal trainer was trying to sell you tiny pieces of meat at inflated prices. He really should have told you to up your protein intake.