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Women always think they get hit on

I have noticed lately that women always seem to think I am trying to get in their pants when I am just being friendly. I’m not in situations such as a bar or other places that it would be normal at. Since when does saying “hi” mean “show me your boobs?” Is this just my personality or do other guys get this?

I get that all the time. I’ll be askeding a girl about something & being interested (not just pretending) & somehow the girl mentions her boyfriend. I think ‘why the hell did you go & do that?’ because then it gets kind of awkward because she thinks I’m trying to pick her up when I’m really not.

When I was a freshman in high school, a friend of mine that was a sophomore introduced me to a group of her friends. I was going down the line, shaking hands, when I get to this one girl. “I’m Kelly. I have a boyfriend.” My response: “Fuck you, bitch, I didn’t want your fat ass anyway.” Well, maybe not, but I thought it reeaaal hard.

Thanks guys. I got a “well my fiance and me” today. That’s what really pushed me over the edge. I can see the ring on your finger, I’m just being friendly. She wasn’t even hot either.

Don’t take it as an insult guys, it doesn’t necessarily mean she thought you were hitting on her. Maybe she was just being respectful to her man by making sure nothing was missunderstood. Besides - I talk about my husband without thought of if I am talking to a guy or girl. I just talk about him because he’s a big part of my life.

Yeah, I get this a lot. And the funny thing is, they can definitely see MY ring. I just have to laugh when they say something like that, and when they ask why I’m laughing (you know, the “what’s so funny?” line), I just tell them I wasn’t interested (which is true). What usually happens then is a total reversal, and they start flirting with me. Wierd.

I hear that. Everytime I ask a girl for the time or something that is on the other side of the spectrum of picking up chicks, they always grab on to a guy or move a lot closer to their friends. What the hell is up with that.

No shit, that happens to me sometimes too…and the thing that gets me is that the females that are the ones to point that out to you immediately are not even hot. I think that they just get some type of self-satisfaction by making it clear that some dumbshit finds her attractive. This dumbshit probably has pumped her ego up in the past which has made her think that all guys want to get in her pants, when that really isn’t the case.

I’m thinking the women who do this go back to either their boyfriends or friends and say “that guy was soooo hitting on me.” Then either say, too bad I have a bf, fiance, husband, etc or "I’m just not interested: which really means, “he wasn’t hitting on me, but I wish he would.” It could be that the guy was hitting on her, but chances are it wasn’t. Not too many guys try to pick up girls asking for the time, or asking what is good on the menu. Those who do must be some sort of stud. Either that or there is a guy running around hitting on girls every time he sees one and he is ruining it for the rest of us.

I agree with Ironbabe, if a boyfriend is mentioned, it does not always mean you are being warned off. Besides, I can’t count the number of times I have read “Dude, she talked to you, she wants you!” on this board. So don’t be surprised when a halfway decent looking woman assumes the same thing.

So, she has a boyfriend. She’s just trying to make herself feel better because subconsciously she wants to screw the crap out of you, but she feels that it “won’t be my fault” because “i told him i was taken and he pursued me anyways.” Take it as a compliment, then take her horizontally! Hehehe

I had an incident just a few days ago where this girl seemed to think I was hitting on her or something. I was riding the bus home, and it was pretty full, so a lot of people were standing, and this girl started complaining about having to stand, so I offered her my seat. She wouldn’t take it, so I sat back down, and she said, “you just wanted to look like a stud, huh?” in sort of a joking manner. I figured it was just common courtesy. I had no interest in this girl whatsoever, I already have a girlfriend, and I didn’t say it in any sort of way that would suggest that I wanted anything from her. I know she wanted to sit down, she could have just taken the damn seat.

Too friggin’ true. This has always happened to me. I just thought I had some sort of desperate, pathetic look on my face that made girls run the other way. Then I decided have a neutral expression but they STILL think I’m hitting on them. When I was in college, I’d ask females if they wanted to study for a class, but they’d always let me know they had a boyfriend. Geez, I said “study”, you dumbshit, not “F***”! I just moved into a new place, and the chick next door let it be known that she had a boyfriend the split second I introduced myself.

When I first got the job I have now, a girl workeed there said she recognised me from somewhere & it turned out it we used to run with the same track & field club 5 years earlier. I told her she looked waaay different than she used to, because she used to have brown teeth, rats-nest hair, etc & now she looks way better. In her next sentence she managed to work in something about a boyfriend (who turned out to be a vegetable broth arms guy btw). That pissed me off b/c we were friends & we always used to run together because we weren’t fast enough to run with the really fast people or to fast to run with the slowpokes.

yea and a lot of times guys are coming up with cheeseball lines to spew instead of just being normal and saying hi

This never happens to me. In fact, women usually supress their involvement with boyfriends/husbands. I think this behavior is a result of the fact that although I am friendly and charming, I don’t act interested in them, so they don’t feel threatened. I treat an 80 year old woman the same as I treat a 20 year old woman.

Perhaps it’s due to the fact that you like to start conversations by saying, “Hi. Mind if I – TAKE OFF MY PANTS?” :slight_smile:

Who the hell go’s up to an ugly girl at a bar just to talk to her??? Nobody I know, unless its last call. Just admit it guys, you wouldnt be trying to make conversation with these chicks unless banging them was on your mind. If they mention their boyfriend or husband, thats probably their way of telling you to get lost, they dont need any new friends.