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Wome luv jerks

I was thinking about how I am a nice guy and that I haven’t gotten ass in a long time. I am a good looking guy w/ a great physique and people think I must get ass all the time. But the reality is I don’t. I have friends that are complete jerks to women and treat them like shit and get ass, may i add “nice Ass” all the time. It got me rethinking my approach. I have always treated women with the utmost respect. I know that there is a time and a place for respect and for deception, its just the deception and being a jerk part I have a hard time with. So I got to thinking of a previous readers email that gave a websight to go to that talks about how to do this and also about why women like jerks. If anyone can let me know the web address I would greatly appreciate it, b/c i can’t seem to find it. Additonally, if anyone wants to add there two cents about their feelings about this phenomena, please feel free to vent



They were probably talking about the article here: http://www.testosterone.net/html/body_93woof.html

No, there’s actually a (free!!) website that deals precisely with this phenomenon, and offers advice to newbies as well. What you need is a “pick up guide”. Put it all together into one word and voila! You’ll have days of instructive reading at your disposal.

Hey Kess - it’s not actually about being a jerk, it’s about having sex appeal, which nice guys just don’t tend to display in their personality. Work on that and you’ll be right. And no, it doesn’t mean you have to disrespect women… cheers.

If you go to the sosuave site and go to the messageboards youll find all the help youll ever need.

Perhaps if you stop calling women “ass” all the time you might get along a little bit better? Try showing the respect you claim you do?

When in College I probably went through 30+ girl friends (easily). It was all (or mostly) deception and manipulation. Tell them what they want to hear and adjust your approach to the situation. Some enjoy like hell being treated well, while others want a tough - distant guy that doesn’t seem to give a shit about them. Some have low self esteem and want a sincere compliment or two/or three, while others, with low self esteem would like you to bring their self esteem down further (go figure - it was crazy). Anyway, I don’t pull that shit anymore and if I had to do it all over again I would of just been myself instead of a fucking weasle!

Yeah, but do you wanna be the jerk who gets the girls?

Trust me. It’s not the way to go. Although the jerk attraction theory is very interesting.

I must say however that most of finding someone is just taking the chance and starting a conversation.

Here’s a big secret that most guys don’t understand:

girls like it when you talk with them :slight_smile: