woman's cycle

see dude your problem is that you have never tried it. girls that arent willing to give it up are actually quite into it. they put their legs behind their heads and moan and groan as if your were hitting it like a champ. if they wont have sex wiht you or blow you, isnt that the next best thing?

oh btw. A.C. seemd to enjoy it when i shot a load on her ass on your moms bed. LMAO!!!

sorry i meant A.T.

lmao BITCH!

my take is this. if you can achieve an “O” and any sort of female is involved then it counts as getting some.

Even if she’s on paper? If that’s the case I lost my virginity to Kathy Ireland.

I appreciate ALL of the wonderful info. her workout ethic is awesome and she is about 5 ft 4 in. no i don’t want to endanger her or ruin her health, she just wanted me to look into it for her, so i did. you guys are like a pack of wolves just waiting for somebody to post some stupid ass shit, huh? lol. i was and am against her usage, but wanted to give her a definite answer backed up by some other people other than myself who would sound like a hypacrit telling her i won’t allow her to use when i use juice. and to the guy who liked my references, glad i could be of some entertainment.