woman's cycle

hey guys, my chick just had our baby 2 months ago and she wants to lose about 10 lbs of fat and gain cut up her body structure. i told her that i’ll probably have to get her some clen or some winny. are there any others that you guys think might work for her? also, how much is a good amount for a 21 yr old girl who is 130 lbs? any info would be great.

130lbs at what height? And what’s her training background?

How’s her diet?

You don’t need drugs to lose 10lbs. That’s well within reach of any diet and training program you might dig up here, and certainly within reach fast via Hot-Rox.

‘my chick’ ‘our baby’ Those are some great references there buddy. The only questions I have are 1.Is she breast feeding? 2.Why in the world does she (and you for that matter)want to use steriods to lose 10 lbs? She should be able to without anabolics. Steriods are for enhancement(meaning ‘something to add when your already training hard’)not a short cut.

If she’s dead set on using tell her to use Mag-10 I bet that would be alot safer.

typically many women, especially those that were thin to begin with, lose weight very quickly after pregnancy. plus, you dont use steroids to lose or cut up, you use them to gain. Diet is the key! A good solid diet plus some resistance training and a little cardio will do the trick.

Giving her stanozolol is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard; 10lbs of fat is not worth risking a womans health over!
High intensity Cardio, diet, Hot rox, ECA, cytomel or even clen… But don’t give her any AAS for only 10lbs fat loss!
IMHO a woman should use AAS as a last resort, after all other options are exhausted. It is foolish to use them unless she’s, for example, a very serious athlete. It is ESPECIALLY foolish if her reasons for doing them are purely cosmetic - just 10 pounds of fat??!?!
If you give your girl winstrol, you are an idiot.

archaic, are you implying that the deep, scratchy voice that women get after using winstrol isnt sexy?

I’d put her on a gram of Sust/week with about 50 mgs Dbol ED

I’ve been told by more then one exercise physiologist that if a woman just breast feeds here baby it will speed up the process of losing weight.

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I agree with drago. maybe even 2hrs. great for ab development as well. oooooooooooh and if you like milk, try sc’s advise and breast feed, great growth factors.

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