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Woman That Take Care


The more I see these ladies, the more I am impressed. There is something smokin' about a woman who takes the time it takes to work on her body.

If your, man hasn't said thank you, yet. Let me, and THANK YOU!!

Reason one, too keep working out. If she, was in my gym I probably be in better shape. Or, at least I would get a lot of oxygen. Damn, she is hot.


If she was in your gym she wouldn't be working out dressed like that. You can't squat heavy with a G-string up your ass.


Speak for yourself. My best workouts are in nothing but a g-string.



Oh yes you can!


I need to switch gym's.


That post is meaningless unless you post a video of yourself trying it!


I know about your infamous g-string workouts on the bedroom trapeze. I was talkin' 'bout the squat rack in the gym. Just try your 1RM squat ATG with a tight thong. You'll have to call 911 to extract it from your crack using the jaws of life.

Not that I've done it or anything.


The paramedics are still laughing about the first time.

Good to see you're still alive, you bastard.


Ok so the g-string is a no, but maybe she'd wear some little EFS cheer shorts? =p


Isn't this an alternative method for stringing a guitar?



Not unless you're a masochist and use flat-wound steel strings.


I wouldn't get much done if she worked out in my gym. Luckily most of the gals at my gym are the girl next door type.


One of the funniest posts ever!!! LMAO!!!