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Woman sues Dunkin' Donuts for too much sugar



its just too damn sweet.

kinda wonder what she looks like/how much she weighs.



Even the bodyguard can't defend a sunny side to this one.


I hope she wins.


Did you read the story ?

She asked for artificial sweetener and they put real sugar in it. She then went into a diabetic coma. She is not suing for it being "too sweet" - she is suing for personal injury.

Personal I think that if you are that bad of a diabetic you should not be trusting your life to the highschooler working the early shift at Dunkin Donuts....Order it black and have your own sweetener in the car with you or something.

It would actually be an interesting case though. Does the servers duty of care include vigilance in preparing orders?....

Someone schooled in law care to chime in? Will anything become of this?


I serially doubt that defense will win. Clinically, you are not considered to be in a diabetic coma unless your blood glucose is over 800. Usually abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood leads to Ketoacidosis which if left untreated can progress into diabetic coma. Ketoacidosis usually develops over a longer period of time as well. Anywhere from a few hours to days. In addition, the article never states she actually went unconscious, which is the definition of a diabetic coma. Good luck lady.


she has a better chance of suing because of how bad there coffee has gotten over the years.


I agree about the doing it myself part. I do think she deserves her medical bills for this paid but not anything more.


".... one lawsuit about three years ago, in which a woman claimed she burned her tongue on Dunkin' Donuts coffee so hot it must have been tainted by terrorists. That plaintiff lost her suit."



WTF is a diabetic doing withing a mile radius of a Dunkin Donuts?


The same thing that led to said diabetes. Circling around waiting for annual free donut day to happen.


As Rhino pointed out, I have a real hard time believing a little extra sugar pushed her into a full blown diabetic coma.

News Flash: just because you didn't feel well because your blood sugar was a little high doesn't mean you get to sue people. Asshole, and fuck her attorney for clogging up the legal system with this garbage, too.