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Woman Stripped in Oklahoma Airport


(she's pretty hot)

I think she may be paralysed, her legs didn't change position the whole time, and she's in a wheel chair.


I have no idea of the validity of the video that you posted. But anyone who would allow themselves to be stripped in an airport deserves the treatment. I'll add to that anyone who allows themselves to be frisked the way TSA agents are doing it is also an idiot. This country has gone overboard.

We only need take a page out of the Israeli anti terror handbook. I think we all know that the blonde in the video is not a terrorist. We know what terrorists look like we've seen them many times. We need to profile and bring some sanity back to our airports. But will the sheep protest? I think not.


This is a common argument I have often heard. This is also always an argument which doesn't hold its ground. The fact that someone is ignorant or weak-minded does not mean he / she would deserve anything that that person allows to be done to him / her. She might not have wanted it. This woman seems clueless. I feel pity more than anything for her.

You must realize that the appearance of a person does not reveal whether that person is a terrorist. To say all terrorists look like / are Arabs is pretty close-minded. That said, I do not think that woman is a terrorist.


Yeah, blonde haired blue eye'd 30-35 year old women are the terrorists. How many terrorists have been Arab as opposed to the woman in the photo? Get real. Israel knows how to do it they've been doing it for years. We don't have to reinvent the wheel all we have to do is modify it for our country. But the politically correct will prevent this from happening because if we do anything that even comes close to profiling the left in this country will have a fit. I always knew that PC was going to get us in some serious trouble and it will most likely come here.


She looked cracked the fuck out. She almost looked animatronic.

Somethings very odd about this video.

If she is not in fact, a robot, I feel like she showed up nearly naked (with a goddamn cat) and I'm glad they screened her.


I'm guessing that is a set up. Something isn't right about it.



It is real and she is 50+ years old.


I remember reading that Israel has severe limitations on what can be brought on board and screens every passenger thoroughly.

They may also profile but good luck doing that when even Jews often have big bushy beards, big noses and deep tans.