So I finally decided to get an Inzer singlet. With a hip to waist ratio of .66, a large derrier and legs, I decided I would need a Large to comfortably fit my generous curves. Good news is it form-fits comfortably and looks great from the front and back.

Here’s the disaster: from the side, it is not form fitting and loose. There is a straight line of fabric from the widest part of my ass up to the top of the back. As I read, USPA (which I am planning on competing in) does not allow loose fitting singlets. It also is not okay with much alteration of the garment which could be considered enhancement. All I need is an inch taken in at the waist on both sides, which would solve the problem of the looseness.

I am between a rock and a hard place, as there are no women’s singlets online that are specifically made for my body type. I have already bought the asics women’s wrestling singlet (the only women’s singlet I could track down, btw) in the past, which is the most terribly constructed abomination of a singlet ever conceived.

If anyone had any advice or ideas, it would be greatly appreciated!

I highly doubt USPA will call you out for having a singlet that is too loose, especially if it’s fitted in certain areas. I’ve never heard of anyone being called out for the fit of their singlet. But I have heard of people being called out for alterations during equipment check. If you can fit in a medium, I would return your large for a smaller one.

You can stretch out the stitching in the legs a bit. I have actually put my squat suit in a vice and stretched out the legs because of similar problems. My singlets are always loose from the waist up. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Singlets are rarely flattering on women. They aren’t designed for a woman’s curves. You just have to learn to deal with it. If you lift geared, order custom.

Hi kpsnap, thank you for your advice! That makes me feel so much better. I have been reading the USPA rulebook and it does not elaborate on what it means by “fitted” and “loose.” So not having completed in the federation before, I got worried. I don’t care much about it being flattering, I just don’t want to be denied at an event for a funky fitting lifting costume. The large has about 3-4 inches too much fabric around my waist, so I imagine the medium won’t be much better, I’ll keep the large and forego the alteration.

[quote]Cherrybomb wrote:
I just don’t want to be denied at an event for a funky fitting lifting costume.[/quote]
This will not happen. You’re not wearing your singlet when you go through equipment check. Refs will not be looking at how well the singlet fits when you get to the platform. They will be focusing on how you execute the lift. Good luck to you.

Thanks! I’m planning on competing January, it should be fun, and now I have no worries. :slight_smile:

I think they just don’t want your singlet falling off. I’ve seen them (USPA judges here in SoCal) call people on costume before but typically for wraps touching socks or not wearing a t-shirt with sleeves. If your singlet fits in other places don’t sweat it.

Best of luck and enjoy!

I thought it would be like my singlet ‘disaster’. I wore an inzer singlet for years and a couple of years ago I saw some video from the rear. The short legs made it look like I was rocking daisy dukes. I switched to a longer legged titan style. My avatar is a picture of the last time I wore the inzer one.