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Woman Jailed for Killing Man w/One Punch



Just goes to show that you should never let your guard down, even with women.


To be fair she was a powerlifter and he was a bodybuilder...


Good, I spent too long bouncing and dealing with females who firmly believed there should be no consequences for their actions when they commit violence on males. At least one judge has it right.


i see what you're sayin


I would think "right" would be longer than seven years.

But I suppose its got to be hard to be a judge and try to figure out what the "right" punishment is.


Well I'm hardly an expert on the British justice system so I have no idea what the framework that the judge is required to work within regarding sentencing looks like. I'm just glad that at least it's not a free pass.


Let's just all cut and paste our replies from the last time a thread about "How fucked-up must a woman be before we hit her?"!

Mine was some joke about Eva Braun.


^ And wasnt there a thread already about a guy who punched another guy and killed him in England? I mean what the fuck I thought only Canadians had floppy heads?


who is that ugly motherfucker in the picture in that link -



^ Thats the woman.


I just saw another one yesterday where a women's husband punched the school's soccer coach and killed him with one punch after he saw the coach walking her to her car at a restaurant.

Turns out it was a school thing and the coach was there with his wife, and walking the other women to her car because she was afraid of her husband.


Blame it on drinking Buckfast. That shit makes crazy people go off the hook.


Edited that for you.


It didn't say that anywhere in the article.

It also said she punched him and he hit his head on the ground when he fell. That's not the same thing as her being so strong she killed him with a single punch.


i like the fact that she's a "teenage woman" who is 20 years old.


This is a sad day... putting her behind bars.. This is not how we solve the problem.. now two peoples lives are ruined. She obviously has some sort of mental disorder for her to be able to snap like that. We shouldn't be putting her in prison.. she needs to be treated.


you're retarded. She killed someone with her bare hands and its "a sad day" when she goes to prison?




Dude isnotright for shit.


lol you guys didn't see the other thread did you... I was mocking.. ___ don't remember his name. But that was his argument.. it was the thread I posted one punch one kill..

edit: found it


and the thread


That's a woman?

And it should be noted that she didn't kill him with a punch, she knocked him over with a punch and the ground killed him. Still her fault, she should still suffer the consequences of her actions, but it's manslaughter (whatever they call it over there), not murder.