Woman in the gym

I find it interesting that you are here. Are you a fitness competitor or F BBer? You are obviously very knowledgable. But I have to ask, aren’t you getting testosterone poisoning? If not, I would be willing to wager that you have many male friends, as well as the usual circle of girlfriends. Just curious.

no, i don’t have all that many male friends, i just enjoy lifing and love to learn. i’m also not afraid to ask questions and admit when i need help with something! i’ve never competed in fitness or bb’ing, and don’t currently plan to. i love busting my ass at the gym simply for the rewards of seeing muscles show up where none were before. my ex introduced me to t-mag when he and i started lifting together, and once i got used to the group here i found that people are very willing to help out any way they can, all they have to do is ask. as for ‘testosterone poisoning’ well, i think i can hold my own grin (and nothing’s better then a big beefy t-man with hormones levels to match my own!)

Sorry, but if you are strutting in the gym and looking to see if any girls are checking you out… then I am not gonna look (yes, your ego is suspect). If you are into your workout and just doing your thing,I will check you out and try not to be caught looking. Why? because I can’t count the number of times men assume “looking” is an invitation to come over and talk, or offer to spot me, etc…
Sometimes, like you guys, I just wanna look, not talk. LOL!

it’s a matter of not enjoying stroking anothers ego -not encouraging vanity -it’s gross …yet, in agreement with many posts here, i will watch great form and technique for power-lifting movements! in a sort of jealous awe and admiration of skill and hard work …

I believe that most bodybuilders are gay. Not most people that work out or train hard but most of the “I need people to notice me in my tank top” and “if it ain’t tight I don’t put it on” guys. I think the whole “bodybuilding lifestyle” appeals to and atracts gay men. I also wonder why anyone would care who looks at them or why the person does. I do think that most women do not like the real big look, they tend to think it is distgusting. If you workout for yourself why would you care or why does it matter what other think?

I do ignore guys in the gym, but it’s not to be rude. It’s mostly because I don’t want to be interrupted during a workout, and secondly because I don’t want them to get the wrong idea - me being married and all. It doesn’t matter how good a guy looks - don’t judge how you look by weather ONE girl looks or doesn’t. Heck, don’t judge your appearance by girs at all. Decide what you want to look like and get there.

Speaking from a chick’s perspective, when we look at guys, we don’t make it obvious unless we want the guy to know. What I do is use the mirrors around in the gym and appreciate the guys’ physiques as well as the girls’. I’ve noticed when guys a lot of guys at the gyms I’ve been at, either don’t care if they’re making it obvious they’re lookin’ at you, or just don’t know how to hide it.

Damn, somebody beat me to it! The mirrors are the key. I’m not the biggest guy on the block by far, or the best looking. Hell, I’m 42 6’1" and between 195 and 220 lb. so far this year, my hair is pretty damn thin on top too. While I have caught chicks, even 20 something year old ones, checking me out directly…like if I turn around from filling up my water bottle or something, catching them in the mirror is far more common. I don’t spend a lot of time looking around in the gym, as a matter of fact I avoid eye contact and conversations so I can get through my work out, but every once in a while you see people looking you over. I don’t think much of it. I’m married, I’m happy that way, and I’m working out for me. I notice a nice body on a woman (hey, I’m not gay or dead) or if a guy is moving a bunch of weight correctly (like the guy a couple of weeks ago that was benching 335 for reps, no bounce, steady rep speed).