Woman in the gym

This may seem like a weird question. But does anyone else notice this, when you go to the gym and your in good shape (around 6% bodyfat) you tend to get more looks from dudes than chicks. I find this a little weird, you would think woman would enjoy seeing a guy in good shape, but instead most of them ignore you. Maybe they think you self absorbed.

Same senario the other way around…When a chick with a huge Rack walks into the gym, the dudes are all trying to look without getting caught and the chicks are all evil eyeing the fuck out of her. I have to admit I would rather look at a guy with extreme vascularity then an average chick. It is like appreciating a sculpture.

Take any BBer in contest form and have a chick look at him. Most of them don’t like all the veins and cuts. Take same guy with 8-10% BF and they say he looks hot…less veins and cuts. If want to attract gay guys get really ripped. If it’s chicks you’re after then a little bit higher fat level is better.

There are a few chicks that dig the ripped look too, but they are in the small minority. It’s just something I’ve noticed over the years.

I wonder if it’s got anything to do with people’s goals. Maybe a guy who’s trying to get really cut up (or huge or strong or something) would just be in awe of a guy who is already because because he’d really know what kind of dedication & work it would take to get that way. I saw this guy downtown the other day who had massive traps & I could hardly turn away, I kept wondering what he could deadlift or something. I think if I saw Vasiliy Alexeev walking down the street, I’d just stare & stare (but not the same way as if he was a girl with huge boobs).

haha, yea probably 8-12 for most chicks…

They’re extremely f***ing jealous. That’s why they stare at you. I lift at the most egocentric, self-loving, vain gym on the face of the planet (yes, it’s a college gym). Those little bastards can’t stand to see really ripped guys or really strong guys come in there. Not a one of em deadlifts and few of squat (and it certainly isn’t heavy). I go in and do some DL sets with 2x bodyweight or so and they mumble behind my back: “must be juicin’”. I don’t even take creatine. I just eat lot and train hard and these bastards can’t stand it when they’ve never even given deadlifts a try.

I say that girls probably look when you’re not looking so they won’t get caught, or they are too afraid of getting caught. As for guys, well personally, if I see some guy with a good physique, I sometimes look just to see what exercises and rep ranges he uses. Don’t worry, it’s not that they’re all gay or anything.

People look at me because i do a lot of renegade type stuff. they are like what the hell is he doing.

That’s funny, but true. I have noticed that bodybuilding is probably even more of a guy’s sport than powerlifting. Not thinking in terms of masculinity, but in terms of who the sport is for. I think that’s why bodybuilders get a lot of shit for being gay, because most women don’t like the cut look, so “who are they working out for?” I admit freely that it would be fun to have every guy in the gym jelous of me on account of my ripp-edness. But I’m so light that if I went on a cutting phase, I’d run the risk of just disappearing. Definitely, though, chicks don’t dig the vein bit. 10 to even 15%, I think.

Thanks for the input guys, if this is true about woman not liking guys who are really cut(it sucks), thats one of the reasons I try to be lean. I think its every guys goal who lifts weights and eats right to get your body fat as low as you can and still stay muscular.

I have noticed more guys looking at me than girls. I usually give the guys the “hey” nod and they give one back. Every once and a while you get the guy that wants to stare you down. I just chuckle and go on my way. I agree with the line of thinking that they are impressed, jealous, awed, envious, etc. and I take it as a compliment. My girl gets a kick out of it when a flaming gay is checking me out. That crap wierds me out…

HAHA!I always check this guy I call “Hugo” (“huge”) out not because I am gay.I am admiring his physique and it’s like,motivation to workout hard to achieve such a physique.
Simple as that.Motivation.Plus,he’s the only guy I ever saw in my gym who could pull ups with a plate and for many reps.I admire that since I also try to do many pullups.

Something to consider here is that most women are not very direct (or forward) where a lot of guys are. Meaning that you may appear really fit to both sexes but guys are more likely to comment or stare than women regardless of what they think. A strange thing that happens to me is that when I’m out with my girl (very pretty blonde) the women tend to check her out and ignore me and the men do the opposite.

Just want to put my two cents worth in. I’m along the lines of Kenneth. I have a notebook full of pics. I also have posters in my gym. All are of males, the majority being bodybuilders. It’s all about motivation and goal setting. How does my symmetry compare? Is a particular bodypart up to snuff? When I’m struggling with some a.m. aerobics or some squats, I look at a poster and say "hey…he did’nt get that way with “Dancin’ To The Oldies”, an “Ab Roller” and Soy Milk. Nothing gay about it. If there’s one thing I know; I LOVE the ladies!(By the way…I DO watch “Will and Grace”; that is some FUNNY stuff! and I think that my T levels are JUST FINE!)

Just a few comments from some estrogen. We ARE looking at you. I know some women in my gym (from change room convo) that can tell you EXACTLY what some men did that day (DL, squats, etc) and how much they were lifting. Myself, I’m not a big fan of the vein look (although I do respect it…I’m just afraid that you may fall and bleed to death cuz you got a scratch) but if some guy is PROPERLY squatting some amazing amount I will most DEFINITELY offer him my uterus. From women I’ve spoken to…some like the veiny look, but well…most (that I’ve spoken to which isn’t a HUGE sample) don’t. But who cares…workout for YOU not to impress some boobs.


Do most girls know what good form & big weights are though?

Surprisingly…most do (or at least the ones where I work out now). The women who train in the free weight section of my gym are usually the ones who KNOW what they are doing. It’s pretty easy to spot some lunatic flinging dumbbells around and grunting cuz his BACK and not his BICEP is hurting. We know who the punk kids are too!

As a little aside, a LOT of women are also intimidated by men in the gym. The big veiny guys are scary and you will very rarely see a woman park herself beside him and start working out. Some women (whether they are in shape or not) do not feel comfortable working out besides a guy cuz they aren't comfortable with their bodies. Myself, I LOVE working out by the skinny guys. Always makes me feel better and feel strong. It's bad...I know. -


hey man, not trying to be a jerk or anything, but could you maybe use a last initial in posts for now on. i’ve been posting with this name since the creation of the forum over a year ago. that way people won’t mistake you as the idiot whose condom broke :slight_smile: (see above post). Thanks, and glad to see another T-Man posting here on the forum.

yeah Nic , no problem

yes, drax, most women who are in the free weights know what good form is. obvioulsy, there are far more men than women lifting at all, and the ratio gets even more drastic. personally, i make sure i know exactly how to do a lift and use very strict form for my lifts. it’s bad enough to be an extreme minority, but to look like i have no clue what i’m doing is even worse. when i’m unsure about a lift i ask someone who knows more than i do.