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Woman First Cycle, Testosterone

Hey I’m going to be competing for my first time in 10 weeks. Figure. I am currently 34, 5’6" and 155lbs. I train. 6 days a week with 3 days HIIT training and moderate to heavy lifting 4 times a week. My diet is very good and clean. I ran an 8 week cycle of anavar a few months ago and it went well, but id like to see more muscle and definition for the competition. I am considering a 3 week cycle of test. I need to know the dosage I should take on a daily or weekly basis?

After the three week cycle I will most likely continue with another cycle of anavar until the comp.

I am looking for something to give me a little more than the anavar did. I’m hoping a low dose of test will do the trick.

Please advise on dose and where it is best for women to shoot?


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are you comfortable with the sides that testosterone could potentially cause?

Theres really no reason imo that a figure comoetitor should be using testosterone.

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Theres really no reason imo that a figure comoetitor should be using testosterone. [/quote]

totally agree


With all respect you will fuck yourself with test so fast, and you might end up not liking what will happen and hate yourself. It’s a serious! recipe for a disaster and is not a joke.

If i told you to shoot sustanon 250mg every 3 days for 750mg a week would you do it?

It’s hard for me to think what would be low enough dosage for purpose of figure pro.

Just fucking don’t do it.
Drop it from your mind, reduce your hiit and decide what’s more imporant atm muscle or definition?

Best regards

Best regards.

I don’t think we have any women lurking on this board with real world experience. There are some other boards, one of which is easy to find if you look for SheriV with a few choice words added. But as the others point out, test for women will very likely take you where you don’t want to go. Primo and anavar seem to be the preferred choices. If you can find agentyes she might be able to help too. Good luck.