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Woman Defends Fat People


Listen to the lady defending being fat.

Dang nabbit, I hate when people try to justify being fat!


My thing is this. Where I work there are MANY overweight people, and all of them are constantly trying to lose weight and talking about it. I'm like the ONLY thin fucking person there seriously. But what pisses me off is that they're always "trying' to lose but never actually DOING it. THey just fail themselves over and over and over again. It drives me fucking crazy.

I don't even care if you're overweight, just stop being a fucking loser and failing yourself. Its not about what anyone else thinks, its about being an inwardly strong person.

I mean seriously what are you supposed to conclude about someone who obvioulsy just fails themself over and over again when they KNOW exaclty what to do. They hate themself ? They're really stupid? weak?

I say before we judge people for being overweight, judge them for being fucking babies, with no willpower, and no abillity to do what actually needs to be done. I just see a general mental immaturity as the root of the problem.


Being overweight is one thing. Justifying it is just plain ludicrous. That is what really got my goat when I saw that video.


I thought it was more interesting that CNN is trying to preach from us out of the bible instead of the Democrat platform. What's up with that.

I thought it was hilarious that the lady was talking about how "divisive" it was that anyone would suggest that being fat might not be healthy.


(devil's advocate)

Why should she not defend the overweight. That is now the norm. So if you bash someone because of that, you are bashing them for being a normal person. Fat is the new thin, remember?


BigRagoo we should start a fat organization (already are plenty) that takes donations to fight for obese peoples "frights" (fat rights), we could be the Al Shapton and Jesse Jackson of the blubber world and make millions.


This is how I feel, in my family there are a couple fat women and they are always on the newest diets trying to lose weight but, always falling off the wagon. They complain to me asking for help, I tell them what to do and they say it sounds to hard. A couple minutes later they are stuffing their faces with more food. At this point I do not care if they are fat but stop fucking complaining its pathetic.


Most of us are WAY overweight when we go to the doc's and compare BW to the BMI chart. Hell. I'm 245 lbs., but my max "ideal' WEIGHT is 175 or so! Fuck that. Haven't seen that weight since 6 weeks into boot camp, in 1992!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This woman never actually advocated being fat...she just complained about bigotry (put down the opposition to elevate herself.) Then the other nutcase countered with the argument, "Ancient People were lean, therefore lean is divine," (WTF?)

My favorite part, though, was her response to the question about her own bill of health (that red herring about her evil doctor, LOL.)