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Wolverson Prowler in UK?


Hi, wondering if anyone from the UK can help me.

I'm after a prowler. This one from Wolverson is the cheapest I have found, it almost seems too good to be true! Has anyone from the UK got one of these? Any good?



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If you can afford it I say go get a watson prowler.



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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I once bought a 2" barbell from watsons. It was shit. Quality.thickness of the material was not much better than a milk bottle top IMO and when someone dropped a plate (rubberised) on it, the bar kinked slightly.

Also £415 for a prowler that looks no better than mine (ebay, £200) is daft.

Better to get one custom made from a fabricators IMO.


I am Australian I have bought stuff from elitefts USA and getstrength NZ over the years all custom made too order best quality you can buy. I would have thought this was the uk version of these companies but from what you are telling me its obviously not. I hope you made a complaint to this company or attempted to get your money back. please disregard my earlier comment.


I got my prowler made at a local fabricator, i gave him pics of the elitefts prowler and he copied that and charged me £160…If that option is’nt available then have a look at www.atlasstones.co.uk and www.strengthshop.co.uk


strength shop have a ‘light’ looking model at 145