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Wolfram Alpha Data Search Engine

I’m not sure if you guys have checked it out, but go to wolframalpha.com and play around. It gives a pretty cool breakdown of data regarding things you input. For example, here is what I got for searching “T-Nation.com

and if you put in your birthday, it will tell you all kinds of things about that day. I was born under a full moon.

Post any cool datasets you happen to find!

Here is my company: http://www73.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=FEI+company

There had better be a partner media enterprise; Hart Omnimedia. Otherwise, the name is a total waste.

I gave up after my search for “big titties” came up with nothing.

so it tells you html make up and what moon it was 30 years ago?

but doesnt show pics of boobs…

This was kind of cool.