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I have been reading about all kinds of benefits of wolfberries. They seem like a good "supplement’ for recovery because they’re high in vitamin C and all sorts of other stuff. Check it out http://www.naturalhealthway.com/wolfberry/wolberrystudies/wolberrystudies.html but is any of this is true?

Cy, what does science really say about wolfberries? Anyone has any opinions on them?



I would also like to hear more on this. Anyone???

[quote]Squishy wrote:

I would also like to hear more on this. Anyone???


Interesting! I’ve never actually looked at it before.

Anyhow, much of what is reported on that link has some truth to it. Granted, much of the data is based upon research in animal models, but it’s interesting anyhow. While there are many benefits from the consumption of it, based upon the amounts used in literature, you’d need to consume a great deal of it to mimic some of the results. In any event, I’d certainly say it’s a healthy food that one could benefit from in terms of regular consumption. I wouldn’t say it’s going to “revolutionize nutrition” or whatever other odd statements were made on that site, but it’s certainly something I’d place in a category of foods that one would benefit from with regular consumption.